Where A Michelin Star Chef Eats With His Family

Michelin star Jamal , of , SAGA, and Overstory, heads out in New York City with the wildest team: his better half and kids. In this episode of Chef's Night Out, James, his spouse Kelly, and their two kids Avery and Gavin check out three renowned restaurants in : Nami Nori, Don Angie, and Llama San.

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Where A Michelin Star Chef Eats With His Family

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Though I love the drunk chef’s night out episodes, this is a breath of fresh air! Nice episode.

  2. This format was a breath of fresh air! Really enjoyed it. More of these please 🙂

  3. I’m a person who loves cooking. I started workin in restaurants when I was too young to have working papers only to swear them off by 22 because it was ruining my enjoyment of food and cooking. I am always in awe of ppl that have the ability to make a career out of this. The cooking is the easy part, you need the mental & physical endurance of an Olympic athlete to work in a restaurant in any capacity. I don’t even have a desire to own one, it would take a decade off my life. Anyway I completely got off track from what I wanted to say, Which is, I had the epiphany recently that cooking food with a no waste mindset or a repurposing mindset ends up looking allot like what a great chef does, just how and why is different. This video reminded me of that when he used the brine from fermenting the peppers to marinate the chicken. A chef would say wow how creative from a culinary perspective, but someone on a homestead or trying to live a more closed loop life would do the same thing. See I used to cook for the decadence I could create, but last cpl years I really have taken an interest in nutrition. This hindered my creativity in the kitchen until I also started getting interested in a closed loop lifestyle and homesteading etc and utilizing all kinds of traditional techniques I never used for a culinary purpose. Things like fermenting and dehydrating and juicing. For example the other day I made fresh apple pear juice and the resulting fiber from the masticating juicer I put in my dehydrator, ground to powder to make an apple & pear flavored fiber supplement. I strain my mirepoix from broths I make and then dehydrate, and grind it to use it like a poultry seasoning. I have even used the brines from ferments to marinate. In the end I eventually realized my food was now as good as ever even tho what drives it’s creation is totally different than it once was. Idk why I wrote all that, maybe it’s meant to help someone.

    1. Hey, thanks for leaving this comment. I’ve been struggling trying to reconcile with the fact that I “fell out of love” with the industry despite only having cooked professionally in a commercial kitchen for not that long. Like how can I call this burnout if I didn’t work for more than 5 years even, that kind of feeling. I’ve recently decided to leave the industry for good and re-train myself. Similarly to you, I found that working in kitchens destroyed my enjoyment of food and cooking. I found it back in the past year or so when I adapted a no-waste mindset too. It feels liberating to be able to take the time and appreciate every step of the cooking process, even when I’m only cooking for myself now and not other people. I never thought I’d see someone else going through a similar thing as I am, let alone seeing it from the comment section on YouTube so thanks. I hope you will continue to find joy in food in your own ways.

    2. Really loved this comment. Makes me want to cook with that perspective. Thanks for sharing friend !

  4. I have never drooled so much watching a video before. Good family , down to earth and great food 😋.

  5. I’ve always loved “a chefs night out”, its just chill, fun, entertaining and informative. Thanks for sharing as always Team Munchies and Vice’ I’ve been on board for YEARS!

  6. I would have been full after the first Resturant. But the second one looked like my kind of place.

  7. Love this series and I could get used to more of these style of videos to promote positivity within the chef culture along with the typical party ones. Great episode munchies!

  8. By far the best episode this series has ever done. Not every chef needs to get trashed and gorge. Nice to see what a chef would eat normally.

  9. This type of vibe is great, more of these chill family style “Chefs Night Out” plz

  10. Awesome story #Munchies! Love that you are showcasing a family event. Wish I was as daring as those to kids at that age to try different foods. #FamilyStyle

  11. A beautiful, refreshing take. Many more of these, please and thank you.

  12. This is sweet. Especially for a chef which is traditionally a job that involves so much time away from family and friends its amazing that he prioritizes his relationship with his kids and wife. And the fact that they get exposure to such incredible food and culture. Love it.

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