How To Make Zhong Dumplings with Jing Gao

Jing Gao of remains in the Test Kitchen area making Zhong , a timeless street treat. She fills delicate dumpling wrappers with a savory mix of , ginger, and scallions, and after that dipps in a fiery, slightly sweet chili sauce.

Have a look at the dish here:

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How To Make Zhong with Jing Gao

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. I LOVE dumplings and these look AMAZING😋💖😍✨🤗!!!

  2. I Shouldn’t have watched this on an empty stomach 😭 those dumplings look incredibly tasty

  3. LoL! Farideh, I heard you in the background with that very important question… now I ask you, how many dumplings in a single sitting? Also, Fly by Jing is dope, will be doing a hotpot with various products acquired from Fly by Jing during the superbowl

  4. I’m from Chengdu. This is our signature dish. I really miss home now! 太想钟水饺咯!

  5. Your company is my favourite!!! It all started with your chilli crisp and now I’m addicted to everything. Keep making videos because the made me so happy 😃🤩

  6. If you have the time its worth it to hand mince some pork butt instead of using store bought ground meat. The texture of the filling is just exponentially better.

  7. I will be making these for the Super Bowl! Thanks for the inspiration, I’m always looking for new ways to impress my guests. 😀

  8. Having made something almost exactly the same about a week ago only with a wonton shape and knowing what you were going to do or add next before you even said or did it I tells me that my self training has been a success. The only part I got wrong was not heating up the sweet sauce and mixing it with my (homemade lol) chili sauce! Never stop learning.

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