Chef Anita Lo Shows How to Steam and Pan-Fry Dumplings

Chef Anita Lo of , Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, and Disallow Q in New York City shows and pan-fry Chinese dumplings.

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Chef Anita Lo Shows and Pan-Fry Dumplings.

Chef Anita Lo Shows How to Steam and Pan-Fry Dumplings

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. You’re very easy to understand and the dumpling look awesome. I have learned how to make very good sushi and now I want to learn dumplings and dim sum.

  2. I thought adding water to hot oil will cause an explosion? Am I wrong? Can someone explain?

    1. She didn’t heat up the pan with the oil in it at the beginning but added the oil into the pan after it heated up, then took the pan off the fire. That way the oil would not have been that hot, I guess.

    2. it doesn’t explode because there is a constant flow of water, not just a few drips of water

  3. Great job!! Now I know what to do with my dumplings. Thank you for posting.

  4. Thank you, needed your suggestion yesterday-lol . Making more today.💃🏻

  5. Have you used this method with a whole egg
    and ended up with a runny yoke ? Yeah I know timing would be difficult and weighing

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