How to Steam Vegetables | Cook Vegetables

Discover vegetables.

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It's a terrific and healthy method to get the very best out of your veggies

This program was created with Olivier Herr, a profressional and eager lover

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Vegetables | Cook Vegetables

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  1. Why is she speaking this weird English?? What the hell is she saying at 1:29?? Stock of your choice??

  2. I just wanna blend veg with water and drink it because I struggle to eat veg soo much

    1. @xpert aab You get used to anything mate, stop telling yourself you don’t like it and just chew and swallow.. and eat them a bit more consistently so you can get used to it. (Start eating to fill yourself as opposed to wanting and expexting to enjoy the taste) Maybe melt a little butter on to help. I find fruits and vegetables so satisfying to eat. You don’t have to chew for too long with each mouthful and they are generally light, refreshing and filling if you eat enough. I’m no health nut either.. I just came to appreciate fruit and veg early.. Although my mum, similar to you wouldn’t make it because she never enjoyed it. So shitty foods for me it was ! 😁 (Also.. why not just blend it and get it down quick as you suggested ?)

    2. @Lynxchillin93 currently I chew veg a bit then instantly drink water to get it inside my body.

    3. @xpert aab Haha, if it works it works. At least you’re still eating or attempting to continue eating veg. 👆 I find steaming keeps the veg cooked but also a little crunchy so is a more enjoyable experience. It still tastes veggy but it’s not as juicy and invasive inside the mouth when you chew.. Also try eating something less vegy a bit more often.. Like boiling potatoes, add a little butter and then each time slowly add things like fish and simple veggies like peas and carrots or something. I feel the more bland your diet in general the easier it gets, if you eat a LOT of flavourful meals and drink a lot of sweet drinks and candy etc. etc… The harder you’ll find it as you’ll always hold it in comparison. Good luck 😊✌🌱🌿🍃🍈🍏🍐

    4. @xpert aab you know you can season veggies with salt and pepper to make it taste better right?

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