How to make sticky rice (Thai street food style)

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In Thailand, , known as khao neow (ข้าวเหนียว) is the staple in the northern and northeastern regions of the nation. Lots of Thais that stem from regions, sticky rice multiple times a day, for , lunch, dinner, and even snack. For this sticky rice recipe, I'm going to be making it the very same way they make it in Isaan and other parts of Thailand, and I'm going to be cooking it right on my Thai street food cart.

Sticky rice is typically consumed with salads and grilled meats, meals like som tam (green papaya salad), laab (minced meat salad), and all sorts of grilled meats and fish. Along the streets of Thailand, almost all over you look in Bangkok, you'll discover food vendors barbecuing up skewers of called moo ping, and they always (unless they run out) likewise have sticky rice. The combination is among the supreme treats combinations of Thailand.

In parts of Thailand where sticky rice is the staple, it's typically prepared in the morning for the entire home, and then transferred to what is called a kratib khao neow (กระติ๊บข้าวเหนียว), a basket that is specifically made to hold sticky rice – it's simply a cylinder bamboo basket with a cover, and it keeps the sticky rice moist without getting crusty throughout the day. When meal times roll around, all taking part eaters grab a handful portion of sticky rice and continue by taking a ball of sticky rice about the size of an olive, dipping it into the dressing of one of the side meals at the table, and consuming.

How to make sticky rice:

It takes a little time and some thinking ahead to make sticky rice, because just like cooking beans, you have to soak the rice prior to you cook it. It's best to actually soak your sticky rice overnight, and then prepare it the next day, however if you do not have that quantity of time, of if you wake up one early morning and all of an abrupt choose you wish to prepare sticky rice, you need to soak it for at least 4 to 5 hours. All you need to do is put the raw sticky rice is a bowl or tub, and submerge it in space temperature water, and allow it to sit. You don't even require to rinse the rice, simply let it sit and soak. After the rice has actually been soaked, it will end up being a little inflamed and much softer, so that it will not take too long to steam.

After soaking the rice, I then moved it to a cone shaped basket used for steaming. The rice then requires to steam in a pot with a few inches of water at the bottom for 15 to 20 minutes, but normally it just takes 15 minutes for me – that is if I soak the rice overnight. If you soak the rice for less time, it may take a bit longer to steam. To steam, make certain the rice is elevated above the boiling water, then cover it somehow so the steam remains within the rice.

After 15 minutes you can get rid of the cover, and examine to see if the rice is fluffy and not crispy at all. If it's still a little crunchy, simply put the cover back on the basket, or whatever steamer you're utilizing, and permit to steam for a few more minutes.

For this Thai sticky rice dish I utilized one kilo of raw rice, but you can truly use nevertheless much you want, and the specific very same directs and steps will still apply. If you soak your sticky rice overnight, then follow this dish, you'll have stunning, hot and fluffy sticky rice whenever … and it tastes incredible!

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How to make sticky rice (Thai street food style)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Thai sticky rice recipe, Mark! 🙂 I love Thai sticky rice! 🙂 My parents are in Thailand right now for two weeks. I’m sure they will be eating some sticky rice there. I wish you a nice weekend, and a great 2015! 🙂

    1. @VelvetGal5 You’re welcome, thank you for watching. Hope you have a nice weekend as well!

    2. @Mark Wiens Thanks, Mark, for taking the time to reply. I appreciate that! 🙂 I wish you & your wife a good weekend! And I enjoy many of your videos. Keep up the good work! 🙂 

  2. My mom loves to have her sweet rice stickier so she’ll pour 1-2 cups of water ontop the semi-cooked sweet rice, stir and let the rice stand for 5 minutes and then steam it again. Always so yummy! Thanks for sharing Mark. Always a pleasure to see your videos!

    1. @My Lo Cool, thanks for sharing, I’ll have to try that sometime. Thank you!

  3. Another great video Mark! I love your ‘how to’s ‘; they’re so accessible. I’ll certainly keep your tips in mind for the perfect sticky rice, never knew how they accomplished that…

    My tip? Take a wide pronged fork and stir throughout the cooking time. Although my rice is not sticky (but will be soon thanks to your video), I always manage to stream my rice to exactly how I want it: light, fluffy and tender.. perhaps you know this already, but if you dothen maybe it’ll help someone else…

    Best regards

  4. In Malaysia, on certain occasion, we add some turmeric powder when soaking it with water. It will give beautiful color to the sticky rice.

    Usually we eat it with rendang, curry or grated coconut mixed with palm sugar/gula melaka and pandan leaves.

    1. @d34dsYnt4x Thank you for sharing, that’s a great idea, I might try that next time!

    2. @Mark Wiens Sorry I forgot to mention that we also cook the rice with coconut milk mixed with a little bit of salt (for creamy taste), and pandan leaves (for aroma). You can also use pandan leaves extract to give the rice nice green colour and flavor.

  5. Great video @Mark Wiens We cook our sticky rice in cheesecloth on the top steamer part of our electric rice cooker which works quite well 👍

  6. I remember when I was little, my grandmother would always cook rice in those wood basket.. Not same as the Thai basket. It’s soooo good and soft. It smells good too! Memories!

  7. Hey mark, ive grown up in the south my whole life. My bfs friend comes from Thailand, and she has cooked for us. She moved back and ive been craving her food. I have tryed some of the recipes you have posted and everything you have made is exactly like hers (only we like a ton of hot chilis)! Thanks for posting your travels. Cant wait for the next

  8. I, too, have wondered how to prepare sticky rice. Thank you for the how-to, Mark. By the way, does sticky rice have a different flavor than say the regular white rice?

  9. Great video, exactly what i wanted, i picked some of this up from my local Thai shop and wondered the best way to do it, thanks a lot!

  10. Hi Mark….. I love all your videos. Can I use rice cooker instead of steaming the sticky rice?

  11. Loved your video .Very easy to follow instructions, I am now very confident that I can make yummy rice. Thank you🙂

  12. Thank You Mark!
    Excellent video
    My Sweet Rice (sticky) has been soaking, and today I brought home my
    teeneung khao neow (?) set. (special pot and cone shaped woven basket)
    Now all I needed was the technique!
    Much appreciated!

  13. Thanks Mark ! I found the pot and the steamer at our Asian Market. I followed your instructions. Sticky Rice turned out great. My boys loved it. I even impressed my neighbor from Thailand. Thanks Again !

  14. My dude is so stoked about making rice it’s a little scary. You’re the bomb my dude

    1. Hahahahah that face he used it on the rice lol I thought he only save it for Mexican food 🥘

    2. I realize I’m kind of off topic but do anybody know a good site to stream newly released movies online ?

  15. Love it. I saw that container at my thrift store several times. I wanted it, but didn’t get it. I knew I should have purchased it! I have the basket. My grandson loves sticky rice, I will do it as you have shown. Thank you so much!!!

  16. Thank you so much for this video. Very well done. The audio was great and presentation perfect. We are trying more Asian traditions in our house.

  17. Mark, I love how you look so happy in your teavels and recipe videos. I think that’s the main charm of the videos. Your passion, happiness and real excitement over a dish and another and another. Keep smiling:)

  18. For the non Thais, sticky rice is different from the normal rice. Look for “glutinous rice” printed on the pack. Yes, you need to wash the rice. I would say rinse the water 3 times should be enough.

    1. @Manuel Camorlinga yes you can, it won’t be the same stickiness but it’s the closest substitute

    2. thanks! i noticed he kept calling it sticky rice before he steamed it

    3. Yes, we do have different types of sticky rice some are black/purplish, white & light brown. Its completely different from the normal rice.

  19. I used a combination of this recipe and 2 others including a sticky rice vinegar which called for Mirin (I used Sherry) in addition to orange and lemon slices added to the rice vinegar and sugar and Kombu/kelp, Also there was also a variety of different stages of cooking and cooling the sticky rice before you take the lid off as well as how much water you should add after soaking it just before cooking and I opted for a little over 2x the amount of rice that I thoroughly washed and soaked for multiple hours like you advised, having incorporated your “pre-soak” methods as well. Then I just boiled/simmered and cooled it in a stainless pan with a heavy bottom for a total of about 40 mins with just 15 mins on low after boiling for a minute . I utilized the “cutting” method to fluff the rice in a separate casserole and sprinkled the vinegar dressing over it. Yumm.

  20. Thanks Mark for the recipe, I should have known I could depend on you!!
    Everyone does a different version of hack sticky rice..
    I don’t need no hacks..
    I’m not in a hurry!
    I just want consistent delicious sticky rice and you hit the nail on the head 🔥🔥🔥
    Love you Mark keep doing what you’re doing ❤️❤️🥰🇺🇲
    From Southern California with love

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