The Last Butcher Shop in Little Italy

Jennifer Prezioso is the at Albanese Meats & Poultry, among the last stores of its kind in City and a renowned store in the diminishing community of . Jen's the fourth butcher in her family to run the shop, which she acquired from her grandfather, the famous Moe the Butcher.

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The Last Butcher Shop in

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Love to see a family still running their business after soo many decades. Passing it on from generation to generation is a blessing.

  2. Wow this beautiful Thats she’s keeping the business alive its not easy being a small business owner

  3. God bless this young lady and she’s a champion. We need more of this.

  4. This is so awesome to see. My dad owned butcher shops in Bensonhurst Brooklyn and upstate. Not quite as historic as this place. She has a great personality too. I’ll have to stop by next time I’m in NYC.

  5. Heart warming story! I hope you continue your family’s legacy and that you can pass it on to your children!

    Beautiful soul 👍

  6. Incredible dedication to her family’s legacy. Truly wish her nothing but success and happiness. Really beautiful story and very glad you chose to share it.

  7. I used to live on Mulberry & Prince in Nolita and I used to see her Grandfather outside all the time..First time I went in he said I’m gonna get you “An I gotcha steak”…this place is a staple.

  8. What a great insight into an amazing store … thanks for sharing and giving hope to others who have similar stores

  9. Here in Germany, it is still pretty common to do your shopping at the local butchers or the local bakery and I would hate for that tradition to disappear. It is lovely how she is continuing the tradition in a place where it has been disappearing.

    1. It’s common also in most of latinoamerica, in Argentina we have a mix of mostly small family run business and the big chain supermarkets, some things like meat, veggies, fruit and fish people prefer to buy in local business because of the familiarity, they know what you order regulary, the prices differ a little from the supermarket and you see the product up close and not wrap up in plastic for an standard buyer.
      The only time people buy in supermarkets over small business is when the big chains have offers to pay with credit cards in several payments, an option that obviously an small business can’t afford.

    2. @Sonia JP thank you for sharing! I always love going to supermarkets and markets in foreign countries because it tells you so much about a culture.

    3. I got some Blutwurst at the local shop last Friday – they were out of Kalbsleber. I had forgotten how much I love the smell of a traditional butcher shop… Will go there more often now.

    4. Your comparing apples and bowling balls….I am an American from the NYC area and we grow dumber as a people daily…..Germans understand regional culture and cuisine and even dialects are regional and unique…..I hope this returns to America as we lose small business and old knowledge every day and its horrifying to behold and bland and uniform to shop and eat

  10. Love the show love the show cuz they’re showing more women being more in butcher shops answer awesome trade to get into for any kind of person to know where your meat comes from

  11. Much love to you and your family. You’re doing incredibly important work. Please keep it going. Sorry for your losses. ❤️

  12. Beautiful story I hope your store has lots of business and your grandfather’s name lives on!

    God bless from California 🙏 my grandfather was my everything too ❤️ may yours rest in peace 🙏

  13. [(“INSPIRATIONAL”)] Amo esta historia, may all your wishes and goals ❤ become reality!!!! Jennifer Preciosa🥰

  14. This is amazing. She needs to fix up the outside of the shop a little to draw some more attention to it! I understand she prolly doesn’t have the money to spend. Hopefully this video brings her more business!

  15. What an awesome story! Admire the relationship and “Rite of Passage” with/from her Grandfather…continued success to you!

  16. This is the soul of our economy. This is the type of business that needs to be supported 100%. May she have nothing but success and never lose the passion and vision that her ancestors built as a foundation for her to build her life on. May she prosper enough to NEED to hire extra help.

  17. Such a great story and she’s a sweetheart for keeping the family business going 🥰

  18. a lot of people wouldn’t do this. the fact that it’s out of wanting to keep her families legacy alive. words can’t even express how amazing this is. keep it up, you’re doing great.

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