The Chef Who Makes and Delivers His Own Food

Victor Aguilera runs Arepas En Bici, a much sought-after popup, where he spends his days making Venezuelan arepas and biking the extreme hills of to provide them to hungry customers. Victor, a long-time Bay Area chef, is likewise an avid cyclist who played competitive for a number of years. He produced Arepas En Bici to combine these 2 passions while offering homeowners with homemade .

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The Chef Who Makes and Delivers His Own Food

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Big respect to this guy. Very inspiring – a reminder to follow your passions and always to work hard

  2. Mad respect. Much love and happiness my friend. May fortune come easy and plentiful!

  3. I could never keep up with this guy. He deserves all the success that comes his way.

  4. As a former road biker, it makes me smile when you said cycling helped turn your life around… I believe it! Entiendo 💓 I think it’s great that you deliver your food… I don’t know quite how you do that and manage to cook as well. Your Arepas look yummy. I wish you well and hope to sample your work at some point in the future… I’d love to go back to SF!

  5. I’m so proud of you, amigo! Continue to do it and do it damn good! Lots of love from your Trinidadian neighbour

  6. We went to high school and had classes together , great guy . Victor eres un ejemplo a seguir y un ejemplo hispano me da gusto que estes cumpliendo tus sueños way to go .

  7. it s amazing how many of us are going through depression, I would have never thought that this successful private chef had such issues

  8. I love his story. Very inspiring! I hope he, and his business, continues to do well.

  9. I lived across the street from Victor here in Hollywood, Fl in the 2000s before he left to SF. His journey has been nothing short of amazing . Super proud of his accomplishments. He has true passion to his craft and I’m happy he is bringing his culture to the rest of the world. So much more to come. Keep going , Victor!!

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