Cooking Stuffed Sopapilla with Carne Adovada

Eric See, and owner of Ursula in Brooklyn swung by the kitchen area to show us how to make standard Brand-new Mexican pork sopaipillas.

In this video, See marinades and braises some fatty pork, makes a stunning red chili sauce, and then preps some pinto beans to toss onto homemade fried dough. What else could one request for? Lettuce, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese, obviously.

Also … few cannibal references in this video … See, are you ok?

Check out the here! –

00:00 prepping and marinating the pork
01:51 red chili sauce
04:54 the pork
06:38 and frying the pinto beans
08:40 making the sopaipilla
10:38 putting whatever together!

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Cooking Stuffed Sopapilla with Carne Adovada

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Stuffed sopaipillas, especially from NM, melt my heart!!!! Especially if the sauce was made from Chimayo red chiles!!!!

  2. Thank you. Not a lot of people make NM cuisine. There are even regions in the state for different culinary traditions. I start learning in my grandmother’s kitchen over six decades ago. It’s still so regional that unless you live here and have access several traditional restaurants/stands, you have no choice but to make it yourself (and spend a hunk of August/September peeling green chile to have enough ready for the rest of the year).

  3. Hello Chef Eric i am from Singapore i am 40 years old. Thank u so much for sharing with us this sopapillas recipe

  4. 1st time I heard of a sopapilla was back in 2010 when I was in highschool and read a book called Brothers Torres. It’s my first time seeing one get prepared and it looks Fantastic I cannot wait to try making these

  5. Thank you for mentioning the “Roots” of this recipe! 505 Showing up again in your food America!

  6. I honestly thought he was gonna say he had major trust issues stemming from a non-sexual incident LOL


  8. That’s wild. I’m from El Paso so we have a lot of New Mexican food here being on the border and all, but I’ve never seen a savory sopaipilla. I’ve only ever seen them as a desert with honey or maybe cajeta. It looks really good though! I’m intrigued

    1. The way the Chile meat is made more or less the same as we make it here in las cruced

    2. Yeah, the ingredients are all pretty familiar, it’s just the combination that I haven’t seen before. His chile colorado actually looks good as hell

  9. Do you cook the red chile sauce that you use to top the sopapilla? My mom would always say it has to be cooked.

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