The Chickpea Curry King of New Delhi

Kawal Kishore Saluja and his household run Chache Di Hatti or "uncle's corner shop", a hole-in-the-wall eatery in New Delhi, India. On the menu is one single meal– .

is a common choice in north India including fried sourdough flatbread (bhature) with (chole). What distinguish Chache Di Hatti, is their secret spice mix for the , a recipe handed down to Kawal Kishore by his dad.

The eatery has been serving Chole Bhature since 1957 from just that a person area and Kawal Chacha (uncle) remains in no rush to make any modifications! If you remain in New Delhi, and wish to know what a heady Dilli ka nashta (Delhi's ) tastes like, do visit Chache Di Hatti. Be gotten ready for the long queue, and the most amazing taste!

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The Chickpea Curry King of New Delhi

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Chickpeas are underrated! Curry, flour, dried, soup, hummus, falafel etc

  2. I love Indian food, in many places people are joking about Indian food
    It’s so underrated, only if they can try it once, maybe butter chicken or chicken tikka masala

    1. Chicken tikka masala isn’t actually Indian, you won’t even find it in India. It was created when the British who left India after Indian independence but still had a taste for Indian food that is full of flavours and spices so they asked chefs to prepare a dish that inculcated all the Indian flavours.

    2. @Vikramaditya Singh I know, that’s why I mention butter chicken first. Chicken tikka masala is widely available in Indian restaurants across the world and it tastes good so it’s good for people new to Indian food

    3. @Vikramaditya Singh It was apparently created in Glasgow at a restaurant called the shish mahal

  3. I love that he was so honest about what drives him. It’s just about making a living, how can you survive if you don’t work?

  4. Thank you #Munchies. Love every bit of this. My neighbour is from Pakistan and he taught me how ot make Chickpea Curry. Once you have tried it you will never eat American chili agin.

  5. Delicious food. And it’s vegan .. I’m no vegan but I can enjoy a good meal of it happens to be vegan and delicious at the same time

  6. Filed under “Things I really want to try but have no idea what it will taste like or where to try it other than this specific place in another country”

  7. Love this style of food! In bay area there is a restaurant that sells something similar.

  8. Munchies: So what drives you to cook? It’s your sheer passion for food and sense of community service, right?
    Indian street food vendor: Because I need money to live

  9. When you skip College Verification for Chole Bhature, u know its legit .

  10. As a former Delhi University kid, i can tell you that this area is just full of amazing restaurants and stalls. But Chacha ki chole bhature was the only place that had queues every damn day.

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