Munchies Guide to Las Vegas: Classics

Steve Chu, and co-owner of Ekiben in Baltimore, MD traveled with MUNCHIES to sample a few of ' most classic food and home entertainment tourist attractions. He goes to an iconic 50-year-old , consumes supper at a legendary old-school house, and learns what it takes to be an Elvis impersonator on the Strip.

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Munchies Guide to Las Vegas: Classics

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Goldensteer is 🔥🔥 been there a couple of times never disappoints! Tip if ur planning on going make sure u make reservations at least a month or 2 in advance

  2. I ate at the Peppermill diner when I was in Vegas for CES back in 2019. It was a great breakfast before a long day of toting a camera around a bunch of expo halls for interviews.

  3. you went to the peppermill and didn’t show the fireside lounge??? sacrilegious!!!

  4. I really enjoyed that.
    Maybe it’s my middle-age, but I thought they’d thrown a child into Sin-City – then I checked out Ekiben and… f I feel old, if that’s what “the children” are doing.
    Would happily watch Steve going anywhere, if the Munchies producers are listening. Just something so wholesome about seeing somebody embracing and enjoying the world.

  5. The dude literally got a strand of cheese from what was falling off her fork and still got a mouthful.

  6. Okay…if Steve gets inspired by this trip, maybe, we can see over-the-top omelettes named after expensive sports cars and steaks that are better than sex sometime soon on the Ekiben menu in Baltimore.

  7. We need more content like this. Steve + Farideh just bumming around doing anything ftw.

  8. Love this and thank you #Munchies for sharing new Vegas.
    This could have been two hours longer though 🙂

  9. I’m thinking Steven has never been to an old school steak spot like the Golden Steer before, because if you have you know the raw horseradish will put you in outer space lol. I’ve been to that place and a few others, like The Butcher Shop in San Diego, and you need to dip lightly. I’ve seen so many people dip their piece of steak into the horseradish like it’s ranch and instantly realize that was a mistake. Pretty much every time I go I see somebody do it.

  10. Video was great, but the bearnaise covered filet mignon stole the show 🤘

  11. The Peppermill is a awesome place to eat I go every time I go to Vegas the atmosphere is just so cool

  12. I remember him on chef’s night out. He killed everyone in drinking. Dude is a tank

  13. This is literally the only time I’ve ever seen a Long Island made and consumed in a Vegas dive bar. Good to see Peppermill still going strong.

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