Master Making Pita Bread with Michael Solomonov

Mike Solomonov, from Zahav in Philadelphia and the cookbook "," remains in the Test Kitchen area making pita– and you can make it too. This super simple dish comes together with a short list of components and Mike's baking strategy is home kitchen-friendly, no special oven or devices required.

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Respect to this man! I’m sure he is constantly perfecting his recipe

    Cheers from San Diego California

  2. Yay 1972. Your sleeves are cool not forgetting the pitta 🥙 Wimbledon London

    1. @saladforbrains in terms of his upbringing and challenges he had early on

    2. @roccoisawesome Yea goofy…. when you attempt to better yourself and learn a new skill it’s very typical for an instructor or professor to assign topics for you to either write about and or present. Did you advance beyond the 4th grade or no?

  3. I’m gonna try to make that bread! Awesome to see how amazingly well you are doing my friend. Your restaurants are fantastic and being vegan I appreciate Goldie so much. When I met you years back I did not know who you were haha. ODAT♥♥🙏

  4. I make my own hummus. I just might have to try this. Fresh pita straight from the oven has got to be better than anything store bought. This recipe looks pretty straightforward if there is anything tricky it might be ensuring that the pita is cooked through but not burnt.

  5. ive had the pleasure to eat at Zahav a few times…its BOMB! and so is his other place dizengoff its like a “fast food” mini ver of Zahav

  6. if you’re in Philly you can also hit up Dizengoff for the fast casual version of Michael’s Pita and Hummous

  7. This recipe in bakers percentages is :Flour – 100% (300 grams), Water – 93.6% (281 grams), Oil – 2.3% (7 grams), Sugar 6.6% (20 grams), Salt – 3.2% (9.6 grams), Yeast – 2.3% (7 grams).

    The formula I use is: Flour – 100% (409 grams), Water – 50% (204 grams), Salt 1% (4 grams) , Yeast 0.5% (2 grams) Oil – 1% (4 grams). The dough is ready to use in 2-3 hours and is MUCH easier to handle.

  8. I totally remember watching this before a few days ago! I’m thinking it’s the one that was unlisted that appeared in the Welcome to MUNCHIES playlist, but now it’s been re-uploaded as a listed video.

  9. I can see you are very passionate 🙂 keep sharing! I am subscribed! 💪

  10. And the manure was used because it’s easier to patch holes with manure than clay. Using clay to patch the eventual cracks from the oven would not work.

  11. I love your video “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” which was a good preparation for visiting Israel. I recommended it to a lot of people. I bought your cookbook to relive the trip afterward. I have a hard time finding pocket bread. Thank you for the upside down iron skillet trick. שָׁלוֹם

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