Make This Japanese Version of Ragu Bolognese

Katsuya Fukushima, and owner of Tonari in Washington, DC, is making Wafu ragu alla Bolognese, a Japanese style version of the classic Italian pasta meal.

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Make This Japanese Version of Ragu Bolognese

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


    1. Kinda like Shinzo Abe was taken out with a Japanese twist to an Italian job.🤙

  1. 1:57 THANK YOU! +1 for “SOFRITO” (ソフリット)

    (don’t get me wrong, i use the ‘m’ word when I’m making a French/French-inspired dish. But today…. today, it’s Japanese/Italiano!)

  2. I can see using hon dashi the Romans used garum and the Italians were making ragu long before they learned that that tomatoes aren’t poisonous. Bolognese Ragout should have very little tomato as it is. I often splash a little fish sauce in dishes to give it some umami but also that little bit of mystery

    1. As far as I’ve gathered, regional ragu will use more or less tomatoes depending on where in Italy we are talking. Italians like to use local ingredients, and Southern Italy grow tomatoes.

  3. Chef – Bboy Katsuya back at it again. Convinced me to go to DC later and try it out. Maybe session too with you too. AHAH

  4. YOOOOOO Chef Fukushima is awesome!!! So glad to see another video with him! 😀😀😀

    And he like spam?! Even better. “Charcuterie in a can” should be how Spam markets their product! 😆👍🏼

  5. I thought for sure the natto would have cooked into it or something! Love the big pile of it on top – I’ll have to try this

  6. Throwing soffrito in the meat grinder. That’s a cheat code. Never knew that was legal. Game changer

  7. Today I learned that fusion foods are nothing new! Thanks for the great lesson.

  8. Natto instead of parm. I’m struggling but I trust chef. I maybe have just a bad opinion of Natto but it gives me Durian vibes. Tastes like rotten flesh

  9. >Won’t use the M word
    >Forgets to call it sofrito

    Love it, fascinating recipe

  10. Too many ingredients imo but looks really tasty. Don’t agree with the meat cuts and spam. This is very unique

  11. I usually dislike fusion because I feel many people are just winging it and don’t know what they’re doing. This feels like proper fusion

  12. Very interesting to see somebody recreating a classic dish this way!

    Plz Munchies, chill out with the sound. All this distracing noise was unnecessary.

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