Traditional Thai Cannabis Cooking is Back

did have a few of the harshest anti-drug laws on the planet, with belongings of small amounts of narcotics bring prison sentences. Today, in a surprise relocation, has actually ended up being the first nation in Asia to de facto decriminalize weed.

VICE's Tir Dhondy goes to in to meet and eat with some of the essential activists who helped make this happen in the weeks prior to the new law was passed.

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Traditional Thai is Back

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. I thought that was forest mist, but it’s actually just a massive bongcloud …

  2. Bong was found in Thailand?! Shout to my fellow Thai people y’all did an amazing thing🇹🇭

    1. Check out the handle above☝️☝️for mushroom edibles, DMT, Lsd, mmda, infused chocolate bar and other psychedelic products..

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    3. Earliest records of bong uses is by the Hmong people at the border between Laos and Thailand. The word bong comes from the Thai word “buong”This word dates back to around the 14th century. “Buong” refers to a tube, typically constructed out of bamboo, used to smoke cannabis or tobacco.

  3. I was about to comment and say that’s some risky 25 to life soup. You used to get life in jail for a bag of weed over there.

  4. You make butter or oil from leaf correct, it will still F u up. No joke. Used to use plants after nugs were harvested to make oil. And used that oil to make brownies and cornbread. Always sold out and always had repeat customers.

  5. Weed is a plant it should be legal! It’s like aloe we just smoke it 😂 as a medical patient I can say it changed my life in a positive way 110%. Can’t wait to start cooking with cannabis!

    1. 👆👆Just look up that handle, he ship Swiftly, and he got shrooms, dmt, Ayahuasca,Lsd, mdma, Psilocybin infused chocolate bar🍫🍄…..

  6. was in Thailand and my cousin gave me weed in boiling water nothing more nothing less better than ANY tea I’ve had.

  7. Wow. I didn’t have no idea. The food looked great and I would totally eat it ❤

    1. 👆👆Just look up that handle, he ship Swiftly, and he got shrooms, dmt, Ayahuasca,Lsd mmda, Psilocybin infused chocolate bar..

  8. It’s really not that often that you can look at someone and notice they grew up with way too much money and have never been exposed to real life.

    1. Check out the handle above☝️☝️for mushroom edibles, DMT, Lsd, mmda, infused chocolate bar and other psychedelic products.,.

  9. I am pro-weed but after watching this (and other videos like it), I get why people hate potheads.

  10. Cannabis in Thai cooking makes the most sense. The bitter and umami elements can be incorporated into most traditional dishes like Thai curries and Laab.

    Most people in the comments can’t appreciate the actual flavor it brings in food cus they’re using it the wrong way or only care about the recreational high. Cannabis is an herb just like Bay Leaf, Basil, and Oregano. You wouldn’t enjoy any of those herbs in edibles like brownies too right?

  11. Went to my Thai gfs house in northern Thailand. Her mom made soup with weed and I got high as hell. Didn’t know there was weed in it till about an hour after I ate it. Had no idea why I felt so out of it till her mom told me lol

  12. Weed is safe for your body, moderate is key. 😁🙏☮️♥️🇹🇭

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