The BIGGEST Food Disasters & Failures | Hotel Hell

Take care, you may get gastrointestinal disorder just by enjoying this …

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The BIGGEST Food Disasters & Failures|Hotel Hell

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The BIGGEST Food Disasters & Failures | Hotel Hell

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  1. أتمنى لك التوفيق والنجاح الدائم متألق دائما شيف 🤍🥇

  2. The fresh frozen burger. Love the denial and complete misunderstanding of how to cook

    1. “its fresh! Fresh frozen, fresh frozen from the can.”
      Forever the greatest quote

    2. It’s truly unbelievable to be honest, and I love Ramsey dishing it out to these mooks. 😀

  3. That’s the problem if you not owner visited an outlet atleast every quarter of the year. That’s horrible management and Team. 😢😢😂..That’s common problem in Franchise.

    1. Ye like seeing this and then the audacity from Karen to blame Ramsay and how he did not help her at all 😀

  4. I’m always so mad that Brian the first owner tells someone to put the pina colada down the drain, and the worker puts it in a trash bag…

    1. Haha first thought of mine too! Was thinking lets hope trash collection wasn’t 6 days away.

    2. Yup! I totally saw that. What a nasty mess for someone to clean up later. Or NOT

  5. 4:10 i thought we were friends, why dont you love the two day old food you just bought at full price? 😂

  6. 1:25 whoever took out the trash that night had to have been pissed😭

    1. Every time I see that clip I wonder why they didn’t dump it down the drain or even on the grass

  7. Roasted chicken from two and a half days ago? If I want leftovers i’ll stay at home!

  8. 1:25 “Dump it down the drain!”

    *proceeds to dump it in the trash*


  9. “There’s no such thing as a fresh burger in Eastern Washington” uhhhh WHAT?? This half of the state is literally farms and fields all over, it’s damn near impossible NOT to run into livestock passing through here!

  10. This teaches me to not eat at private family owned restaurants, especially those I see struggling, with very few patrons going there.
    I have many of those small strip restaurants near me. I always wonder, and fear, how fresh will the ingredients be?
    Never really believed in chains, but Im hoping they have stricter rules on safety precautions at least, but who knows.

    1. There are plenty of good family run restaurants around, just like there are plenty of decent chain restaurants. I don’t think it’s fair to generalise them all like that.

  11. Gordon was so done with Gina from the get. Rare for him to give up on ppl. And then he personally fired her that ep – also rare*

    *rare not raw 😉

  12. I’d love to see episode where Chef will come to his burger place in Coquitlam and what his reaction would be

  13. Among all the chefs you alone are the honoured one. Stand proud Gordon you can cook.

  14. I would like to see an analyst checking and talking about the contamination leaks from these containers raw over cooked, at least that one to prove that everyone should stop to keep cooked leftovers next to raw . Containers should do their job too, like chef Micro.

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