Gordon’s Dose Of Harsh Truth | Kitchen Nightmares

Someone needed to state it …

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Gordon's Dose Of Harsh Fact|Kitchen Problems

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Gordon's Dose Of Harsh Truth |

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  1. Long time passed since I checked the channel , gotta love Gordon Ramsay legend

  2. GR’s psychotherapy method: “stop it. Just stop it!… Now hug and make up!” Who knew psychotherapy could be so easy!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Ayooooo this gotta be the funniest comment and truth omgeeeee…he has def turned into a marriage counselor

    2. He is : a cook, a marriage counselor, a therapist, a financial advisor, a manager … even more lol

  3. Gordon only gets angry because he cares so much. He’s a culinary therapist in disguise. The truth hurts. Hearing it from Chef Ramsay burns 🔥🍴

  4. It isnt easy for folks to own up when theyre owners i feel they feel like they own it and get paid the salary and work the position that supports that theory. Bloody hell

  5. Dr. Ramsay laying out the dose of harsh reality these owners needed..

  6. Excellent show…. Always interesting.. Keep it up 🙏🏻

  7. I love “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Hotel Hell”. My favorite episodes on “Kitchen Nightmares” is… The Olde Stone Mill, Sebastian’s, Finn McCool’s, The Secret Garden, Jack’s on Waterfront, Sushi Ko, Spanish Pavilion, The Grasshopper Also, The Old Neighborhood, and Mangia Mangia. And my favorite episodes on “Hotel Hell” is… The Juniper Hill Inn, Meson De Mesilla, Monticello Hotel, Four Seasons Inn, Murphy’s Hotel, Angler’s Lodge, The Town’s Inn, The Lakeview Hotel, The Brick Hotel, and Landoll’s Mohican Castle. 👍

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