Gordon Ramsay’s Introduction To Cooking | DOUBLE FULL EPISODE | Ultimate Cookery Course

In this double complete episode, strolls through some excellent basic suggestions to enter into as well as some newbie dishes.

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Gordon Ramsay's Introduction To Cooking | DOUBLE FULL EPISODE | Ultimate Course

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  1. It’s a great book Gordon Ramsey! I’m working my way through the whole thing. I’ve made about half the recipes. You have taught me how to cook!

  2. I like introductory cooking vids. They are less intimidating than the ones that require a higher level of culinary skill.

  3. Merci pour toutes ces délicieuses recettes chef Ramsay. Vous êtes toujours au Top👍❤️

  4. If I had every spice a Chef recommended I’d have my own damn show‼️🧐😩😝😝😝

  5. *I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us*

  6. Gordon really overestimates how much money we got and our cooking abilities when he calls things “easy” and “cheap” 😂

  7. wait a minute, in the “Kitchen Nightmares” channel, one month ago, the one behind that channel asked if we would have wanted to see doubles full episodes or triple full episodes. Is it connected in some way?

  8. Gordon: “Sesame seed oil. Teaspoon only!”
    *pours in so much of it even the sesame door opens in distress*

  9. Tô apaixonado pelo seu trabalho, eu não te conhecia . Passeie a conhecer a pouco tem mais já adoro tudo q vc faz tenho aprendido muito com trabalho de gestão de cozinha parabéns chefe.

  10. we need another series of kitchen nightmares in the USA. especially with 4k cameras so we can see the dirt and grime and mold in detail.

  11. I’ve said this in his other videos featuring the chilly beef lettuce wraps- I’ve made these numerous times and always a hit!! Thanks Gordon ♥️

  12. Gordon is my favorite chef of all times. I wish I could continue watching his cooking videos as we grow older whilst being the newer generation, but sad point is human just couldn’t defy aging. Eventually, we will be gone from this earth but I have to say Gordon will be remembered even if he couldn’t produce any more videos. Enjoy while it last! =)

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