One-Pan Scruffy Veg Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

This delicious could not be much easier and yet it is so scrumptious. With a mix of fresh and frozen veggies you can adjust it to work whatever the season and understand you'll always get excellent outcomes. Rough and ready and quicker than a regular , feed buddies or your family and still have very little washing up to do! Get stuck in!

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One-Pan Scruffy Veg Lasagne |

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  1. Jamie, Yes another Veggie dish. Love it! Please keep them coming. Thank you 😊

  2. So delicious ,very healthy,affordable Lasagne, thank you Sir Jamie👌😋😊🙏

  3. I like everything but the mint. Will put mushrooms in the place of mint! Love it thank you! ❤️ 🍻

    1. @Wil_lone wolf I don’t like mint toothpaste so I’ve started brushing my teeth with a Portobello.

  4. It’s winter here in Australia, so this is perfect. One pan, I’m a happy woman! Much love from Sydney, Australia ❤️

  5. Супер!Джейми,ты как всегда крут и оригинален!😉👊

  6. One pan veggie lasagne with very little effort or time… Yes. This recipe is easily converted for vegans as well so it’s a winner all around1

  7. I encourage him to start a restaurant chain again. His recipes are super delicious.

    P. S. Love you jamie….

  8. Definitely going to make this next week as one of our twice weekly veggie dishes, thanks again Jamie for adding a little twist.

  9. Its a great idea and it looks amazing!
    But im wondering about the lack of salt/peber/vinegar/sugar to really amp up and balance the flavor?

  10. WOW!!! That was soooo cool!!! Thanks Jamie! Absolute show stopper!!! Nice!!!!
    You are so lucky to have such a big family to cook for (and cook together with too)!! I love cooking in big batches. Like cooking 500g of pasta at once, or make a whole pan of meatballs in a mushroom sauce or a cream sauce. Or like cooking a saucepan full of rice, full to the toop almost!!! It’s an awesome feeling to cook in big batches….
    And your lasagna was fantastic!!! I could have almost eaten the whole casserole by myself!!!! 
    Thank you for sharing awesome and fantastic recipes and tips and tricks with us.
    Big love from Sweden!

  11. This looks incredible, I eat meatless or vegetarian three times a week. Thanks for sharing.

  12. This home-cooked delicious meal for family, thank you Chef 😊

  13. Except for the fact that this dish neither resembles or is lasagne in any way, it looks incredible and sounds delicious. Will definitively try to make it!

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