Easy One Pot Thai Massaman Curry

Nok Suntaranon, and owner of Kalaya in Philedelphia, PA is here to teach you make massaman curry, her mother's preferred meal and a Thai staple understood for its silky texture and subtle, rich tastes of coconut and warm spices.

Nok explains that there's nothing wrong with store bought curry paste– so get some and get . Her essential recommendations? Be patient. This aromatic curry comes together with a variety of active ingredients, including coconut cream, tamarind paste, fish sauce, and spices like cinnamon sticks, star anise, and more.

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Massaman is the best! It’s also one of the easiest Thai curries to make less spicy if needed.

  2. My all time favorite curry. Meaty, soupy, gravy-like, filling, salty, sour, textured, and really good on a cold and rainy day. It smells like perfections and theres nothing more my stomach craves than massaman curry. I love Thai food in general, but this curry is the peak of Thai food for me.

  3. So many exotic spices, I am not sure, are all of those available at here. =/

  4. The new lighting on set is a bit extreme… really washes the presenters out, IMO.

  5. No cap she was very thorough in her explanation what a pleasant experience, I don’t even like curry but I want to try that

  6. อร่อยสุดคือมัสมั่นต้องปรุงค้างคืนทิ้งให้เครื่องเทศซึมถึงเนื้อจะอร่อยสุดๆ

  7. i love this lady’s energy. so kind and homely. would love to spend a day cooking with her 🥰

  8. Potatoes & Peanuts… just 2 of the numerous foods that came from Mexico & The New World

  9. My fav Asian curry cuisine. I’ve tried many curries in different countries in Asia, but nothing beats this for me.

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