Crispy Chorizo and Fried Egg Breakfast Nachos

When Farideh awakens after a long night of sleeping under the stars, she makes for . This camping-friendly skillet meal can be made quickly with some preparation, and is made scrumptious with components like crispy chorizo, three kinds of cheese, jalapenos, marinaded onions, and more.

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Crispy Chorizo and Fried Egg

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Breakfast. Nachos. Pickled onion, crema, cilantro, eggs, holding chickens, Joshua Tree camping… can’t miss!

  2. Saw the video and had to crack a morning beer in case a word came up. Didn’t take long.

  3. Looks yummy 😋 funny not afraid of anything that could bite you in the desert, but your afraid of chickens lol they like affection actually most of them lol.

  4. I’ve had chilaquiles in Mexico (and in the US which was similar) and it was incredible. It’s probably even better when camping and having a breakfast beer!

  5. City girl holds first chicken, funny. Skillet looked great, it needed 3 more eggs for the crew ( snacking eggs) my suggestion for a paired beverage with this would be a Bloody Mary. Everyone have a great day 🌤

  6. Whoa those are some docile chickens, they must be well loved! Mine were the same when I was little, I held them all the time and they loved it.

  7. I call it breakfast, brunch nachos. The layers on that thing looks delicious.

  8. The way she zested that Lime makes me realise Farideh is great with a big CORY in those hands

  9. Sorry, fellas, I just proposed to Farideh and she begrudgingly accepted to be my wife. Hate that you guys had to find out this way.

  10. You say breakfast nachos I say chilaquiles. It’s just missing the salsa n bam 💥

  11. Who would drag all of this camping? Looks good…I’d make it at home…just not camping.

  12. “This is a f*cking cooking show so we’re going to eat some G*d damn cheese.” I couldn’t adore her more.

  13. I was drinking water and both Farideh and I both said AAHH at the same Aime lmfao.

  14. Was she saying “good girl” to herself or the chicken 🐔 😂😂

  15. Fairdeh makes me feel like a young boy again who has a crush on a TV lady that will never be realized.

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