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Searching for some bread-based motivation? Making your own bread at home is so rewarding, so we've pulled these dishes from the archive to help you on your baking journey. Whether you 'd like a lovely cozy rustic loaf, or you wish to attempt your hands at something more complex. Twister bread, bagels, even pizza! There's something for everyone here– take pleasure in.

0:04 Homemade Bread
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9:21 Bagels
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18:25 Quick Household Pizza
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Bread Megamix | Oliver

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  1. I remember way back to when Jamie was first starting out… his upper flat……he wasn’t more than 21 yesrs old….. cooking in his little, functional cozy kitchen for his friends. Great show – I’d never miss it! Then later at his cool house where he’d cook in his backyard… rustic as ever! Outdoor fireplace, picking herbs from jis garden, cooking on planks and rocks and a rickety wooden table. If he was done cutting something up, he’d toss the rest of it over his shoulder back into the garden’s earth. Jamie’s The Real Deal Down To Earth Guy! Love him dearly. And check out the theme song for that show, by Tim Kay…….it might be called “Take Time”……ive listened to it often aftetwards. JAMIE ROCKS A BADASS KITCHEN!❤️❤️❤️

    1. He was my favourite cook back then and still is today. A close second are the hairy bikers, RIP Dave Myers

    2. How much is in one sachet? I’m in Canada and our packets may well be a different amount.

    3. @@mariangeerling2950 Maria, one Fleishman’s Yeast Packet (sashet) is “exactly” 2-1/4 teaspoons. Fleishman’s is a popular yeast brand in the States. They typically come 3 packets for roughly $1.00….. or you can purchase Fleishman’s small loose yeast bottle for $2 or $3. It’s available online too. Happy Baking ❤️

  2. I watch you from Spain , since long time ago,I am Spanish and it’s a pleasure to watch your videos .

  3. Καλησπερα, τελειες συνταγες και τελειος μπαμπας συγχαρητηρια

  4. I’ve watched Jamie Every since he started,and I still love watching him.

  5. I see your boat the loverly katinker on the broads a lot over summer time as I live aboard on my boat I always give a wave she’s a stunning boat and can’t wait to see you out on her this summer again 🤠

  6. ❤Jamie …..I love you!!! 🥰 this is so great! Perfect timing!!! I just started making bread again. (Without a bread maker. ) my grams was from England and her and her brother were bakers when they came here to Canada from England they had their own bakery. So she taught me all I know. Shes been gone over 10 years now. I miss her like crazy!!! So Whenever I have any questions of what she would do when I can’t suss it out myself – I turn to you❤ and you have done it again. You’re an amazing teacher!! ❤❤

    1. I remember the pizza video😂watched it with y kids years ago when they were the same age. They still talk about buddy taking a wee a film. 😂😂❤❤

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