Chili Mac is the Union of Chili & Mac and Cheese

Farideh is making one of her favorite dishes, which happens to be the ideal outdoor camping meal: , a hybrid of chili and and cheese. This (almost) one-pot marvel is filled with everything you desire: two type of cheese, beef, pork sausage, frilly , and lots of mouthwatering flavor.

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Chili Mac is the Union of Chili & Mac and Cheese

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Have to agree with you concerning onions cooking in oil, especially when you add pepper or traditional Indian spices.

  2. The words Chili Mac have brought smiles to the faces of soldiers for at least the last three decades, maybe more. When you see that chili Mac MRE, you’re gonna do whatever you can to get it!

  3. The fffing best EVER, AS ALWAYS!!!! Love this recipe and your content, Farideh all day, every day!

  4. Chilli and cheese are meant to be together. My fave is a chilli, beef, and cheese pie, even better when you add kidney beans 🤤

  5. Farideh, you rock homie!! Great energy and positive vibes 🌈🌍👽🌲🤩

  6. You’re awesome. I’ve always hated macaroni and cheese with the exception of times I made it for kids and had to taste for salt I’ve never had a spoon of it. Your recipe definitely require a tryout. I’ll take your advice I’ll get high first then I’ll try. Thanks for bringing joy to cooking.

  7. Definitely gonna replicate this next time I make chili. Also, ricotta gnocchi in bolognese is Italian Chili Mac and it’s, fucked up.

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