How to boil Pasta

for Beginners – Boiling pasta is a basic procedure. Action by step instructions on boil the pasta and things you need to be careful of while doing so.

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boil Pasta

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  1. Thank you so much for this series! It’s super helpful. Please don’t cease uploading more beginners’ how-to’s.

  2. Very informative video! Ty so much! I just needed to know the time for how long to cook it for. I’ve made pasta plenty of times before but yesterday I just let it kept cooking cuz I like soft texture. I thought when the wAter starts rising out of the pot, that that’s a sign it’s done. I was disappointed when I drained it, there was pasta stuck on the bottom of the pot.

  3. Guys just a quick heads up. If you’re making pasta with sause do NOT add any various of oils or the sause will easily slip off the pasta. For pleasure and extremely tasty pasta you need the sauce to stick to the pasta!

  4. I like how you explain the reasons behind everything. That is very helpful for beginners like me

  5. I am 13 years old and dont know how to make food and my parents are gonna be away for the whole day this saved my life

  6. Lol I’m a 14 y/o girl and I can’t cook anything to save my life

    Edit: I’m 16 now and still using this video for reference djsjjd

    1. if youre gonna purt sauce on your pasta (which is like always) dont put oil like they did in the video your sauce isnt going to stick to your pasta !!!!!

  7. This is a very informative cooking video! My congratulations to the chef for clearly explaining the process and why it was cooked that way! Very informative and straight to the point!

  8. You will never know if you can unless you’ve done it😊😊 I made my first pasta cooked thank you

  9. I’m a 16 year old girl that doesn’t know how cook pasta and my parents don’t watch to teach me:D Thank you for the video and saving me from starvation!

    Edit: There’s no cheese in the house!😔👊
    Guess I have to eat plain pasta!:(

    1. Wounder Queen as weird as it sounds, pasta tastes insanely good with just tomato sauce. highly recommend

  10. Great you have explained the concepts in a simple manner, didn’t find this in other channels. Thank you.

  11. Thank you. Very helpful. The biggest thing this helped me with is I used to not put olive oil in the water because I didn’t know. It makes a huge difference

  12. Thank you for being much more descriptive than Gordon Ramsey 👏🏼👏🏼

  13. For anyone new to cooking, never add oil to the water when making pasta. It will make the sauce not stick to the pasta. Just add a little salt to the water.

  14. My mum has shown me how to make pasta a billion times before, I’m just here for reassurance

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