How to boil/cook noodles/spaghetti perfectly,How to cook Pasta

In this video, I have demonstrated or boil noodles or Pasta in a perfect way. So now, after watching this video, you will find it extremely simple to noodles or Pasta.
veggie hakka noodles is a popular indo chinese dish that a person can get in a lot of restaurants in india and in the roadside chinese street food joints. Hakka noodles is not only popular with kids, but also with grown ups.
The veggies added to hakka noodles have to actually chopped fine or cut into julienne as all the stir frying is done at a high heat.
If you are non-vegetarian then include Chicken Shreds to this recipe and take pleasure in Non- noodles.
Enjoy this video of Hakka noodles, Vegetable Hakka Noodles,Indo-chinese Noodles.

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Following are the ingredients to boil noodles/spaghetti/Pasta:

boil/cook noodles/spaghetti perfectly, cook Pasta

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    1. @Hannah AL homsi You are welcome.. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback.. 🙂

  1. I always wonder how these restaurent cooks make it. After watching ur video got an idea.

    thank you 👍 keep posting such informative videos.

  2. First of all you have to season the water with salt and olive oil then let it boil and add the pasta, Twists and move it and taste it not to mushy but nice and firm in the inside!

  3. Just use A LOT of water for ur spaghetti ADD seasalt about 2 table spoons and twist the spaghetti so it goes nicely into the ALREADY BOILING water, than remove the spaghetti from the water with tongs put it on ur plate ADD some of the salty spaghetti water to ur sauce (trust me) and than add sauce to the spaghetti PERFECT. And if you want to make spaghetti for more than one day and keep it in the pot…. just DONT 😉

  4. Thanks for teaching me how to cook. And thank the internet because I think I’m being raised by it again

  5. Very good English, use of very simple words, I am impressed

  6. Nice and helping video i got it perfect thing i was watching for.. Thanks

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