Hell’s Kitchen “I thought cold water was supposed to boil faster than hot water”

LMAOOOO. This was an amusing moment from Hell's area. I made this cause I believed it would go truly well with the EarthBound meme. Hopefully, you all like it!


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Hell's Kitchen "I thought cold water was supposed to boil faster than hot water"

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  2. The fact that Ramsay is not cursing at her or yelling proves that the statement that lady told genuinely decreased his brain cells.

    1. Cursing and yelling is in no way an intelligent thing to do, so maybe it’s actually the opposite. Gordon had to stop and think 🤔 which is good

  3. I love how he doesn’t even rage or sound upset like he usually does, he’s just 100% genuinely confused.

    1. @S G i agree. I dont think people would be able to think straight when nervous or panicking

  4. To be fair, this is kind of a myth that goes around. I remember hearing years ago that you should fill up a pot with cold water because it would boil faster. And obviously that’s very unintuitive and didn’t make any sense to me, but there’s all kinds of things that turn out to go against intuition, and I thought maybe some weird thermodynamic phenomena could explain how starting with colder water would be faster. So I just like, partially accepted it. Idk, just saying she’s not dumb just misinformed, I’m sure she knows that it doesn’t make intuitive sense, but was just told it at one point by somebody with enough confidence that she just accepted it. Great meme tho

    1. Yeah tbh it just sounds like one of those counterintuitive chemistry laws that you forget after you take the test because no one gives a damn. Kinda like how putting a coat on a snowman makes it melt slower lol

    2. i’m pretty sure they thought “oh, hot water freezes faster than cold water so cold water must boil faster than hot water”

    3. @codebracker you can search videos on it, it’s the mpemba effect. it’s true, what’s not true is that cold water boils faster.

    4. @Anon the mpemba effect was disproven by later experiments, it was just a fluke

  5. I’ve actually heard this before. It’s not true, but I think it was told to people to prevent lead from older pipes getting in the water.

    1. Not lead, but stagnant water that’s been sitting in the warm water heater for a while.

    2. The topping off with cold water ( aka water heating up then adds cold water to it cooling it down)was the issue. Not starting with cold water.

  6. “I thought cold water was supposed to boil faster than hot water”
    *”I’m not mad…I’m just disappointed”*

    1. Cold water is better to be used for boiling actually, it’s that she added cold water to already boiling water that’s the problem.

  7. I love that he’s not even angry with her, he’s just genuinely astonished with her stupidity 😂

    1. @Ahmad Danial he said the rate at which it happens. Technically she is right, cold water will have a higher rate for a short period of time to warm up than the hot water given the same warming, but the hot water will reach the target boil faster as expected

    2. It’s actually true tho cold water does boil faster than hot water and hot water freezes faster than cold water

    3. @‌ They know this, the girl out cold water on already boiling water, that’s why Gordon is confused.

    4. @‌ in a hot room boiling water will cool down as not many hot rooms are 100°C+

  8. I love how Gordon is just so confused, disappointed and concerned at what she said he couldn’t even yell at her.

  9. I had this as a physics project, how to get salted hot water the fastest. Turns out that cold water increases its heat faster but starting from a lower point it negates that

    1. @Maru Misu No, it’s because the heat transfer happens faster when there’s a greater gap in temperatures.

    2. Yeah, the larger the difference in temperature the faster the change, but this effect decreases as the temperatures normalize.

    3. @redshift1976 Uh no, increasing pressure increases boiling point. This is why water boils in a vacuum.

    4. I was confused too I heard as a kid starting with cold water boiled faster but if it was already hot and she did that, that is nuts

    5. All depends on how much water as well it is a certain amount of water you also need a certain amount of heat which I want so far is specific Heat

  10. I Don’t blame her cause I’ve literally heard stuff like this growing up and even hearing that you SHOULDNT start with hot water cause it’ll cause cancer or something. Gotta break these generational curses🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. The only problem in boiling hot water is if your hot water comes from a tank that has sediments. Those sediments can cause cancer depending on what has deposited over time.

    2. One of the dumbest ones I’ve heard is if you’ve been in front of a stove or oven that’s heated and you open a fridge and get touched by the cool air it’ll deform your face, lmao.

  11. I think she confused it with hot water freezing faster than cold water (which is actually true as far as I know)

    1. @Lion well in this experiment the hot cubes went luke warm before much evaporation occurred so I’d imagine the less water was immeasurable

    2. I come here to read comments and I see a billion comment arguing that hot water freezes faster than cold water

  12. This reminded me that one time when my dad told me that adding salt when boiling water speeds up the process but my cooking school demonstrated me that it actually slows it down

  13. What IS true is this:
    The greater the temperature difference, the higher rate of heat transfer. So, the water will initially absorb heat quicker, but as the temperature difference decreases, the rate of transfer will slow. It will not boil faster. Cold water will absorb heat at a higher rate until it’s…. “warm.” So, might as well start with… warm water.

  14. She actually managed to confuse Gordon Ramsay, the look on his face is priceless, he doesn’t even get angry or yell at her

  15. Rarest time Gordon isn’t angry, he’s just genuinely questioning his existence.

  16. His “what??” Was legit hilarious I’m crying- he sounds and looks genuinely confused and disappointed.

  17. She’s a genius, she’s intentionally confusing him to prevent him from shouting at her.

  18. i love how he looks around as if he’s checking if he’s in a different reality

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