Rib Eye Steak | How To Grill Perfect RibEye Steak | Recipe | Dishin With Di # 139

How To Cook: RIBEYE Steak! Recipe|Make the BEST, Perfect Grilled RIB EYE Steaks! Cook Perfect Steak on a Grill, Gas or Charcoal. Grill thick-cut Rib Steaks, likewise referred to as bone-in Ribeye steaks, Prime Rib, Cowboy Steaks, Scotch fillets or Rib Eye Steak. Dish Video @ Perfect for Father's Day Supper! It's really easy to prepare and viewing this video demonstration will reveal you how to cook steak at home on a grill, just like Gordon Ramsay! Whether you desire your steak rare, medium unusual or well done, this simple method will offer you the results you desire. I prefer my steak medium unusual, served Mushroom sauce/ red white wine sauce, my Caesar Salad, Loaded Baked Potato Casserole or Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Asparagus. That's a meal! Whether you're amusing with good friends or household, you do not need to be a chef to prepare the perfect steak or make an amazing meal! Enjoy my video recipe demonstration and get in the kitchen area and make something fantastic! I hope you enjoy this simple Rib Eye steak recipe!

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Rib Eye Steak | How To Grill Perfect RibEye Steak | Recipe | Dishin With Di # 139

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  1. It looks so delicious…aauumm I want some. Thank you for share that, hope I can make mine like yours :-);-)

  2. Superb video Di! I just have a couple of questions: First, I heard that you’re only supposed to put salt on the meat just as it goes on the grill, and that if you include salt with the rest of the marinade, it draws out much of those beautiful juices. Is that true? Second, to keep your steak from getting cold while it’s resting, can you put a piece of aluminium foil around it? Finally, instead of cooking your steak on a grill, have you ever tried cooking your steak on a very hot cast-iron pan? Do you like to do that every now and then too?

    1. @koyunbaba73 The chefs that I’ve seen prepare this have done it as shown.  The meat only rests for 5 minutes, so its usually the perfect temperature and doesn’t get cold.  I also cook this and other meats in a cast iron skillet.  Check out my video on how to  cook Perfect Filet Mignon in a pan  @ulW0qieaVlI Thanks for watching!  Di  😉

  3. Thanks! I try to follow your recipe and my family is reall impressed thanks

  4. Just grilled two steaks last night. They were so good and tender, that the meat just tore off the bone like paper, and melt in the mouths like butter. I also want say, thanks for the great video .

  5. wow.. I just tried this method…..my steak came out the best ever, thanks a million

    1. +Bruce c Great news! Thanks for sharing and for watching Dishin With Di! Diane

  6. We serve this on the restaurant where i worked everyday and i eat it almost everyday too! So juicy! Now i will try to cook it for Christmas. 🙂 thanks a lot! I love your videos!

  7. That’s not fair! Watching this video made me so so so…….hungry, I’d love to have a steak like that. The only problem is that it’s Christmas Eve and a lot of good restaurants are already closed! Great job, I must say.

  8. I tried this last night. I seared it on the stove and finished it in the oven in a cast iron skillet. Perfect! Great video and you have an amazing personality, Di.

    1. +NortonsNestMonthly Thank you! That sounds like the same way I cook filet mignon. I sear the steak in a cast iron skillet and then finish it in the oven. Glad you liked it! Thanks for watching and for the kind words! Diane

  9. Ive seen many people do the medium medium well and well done test with their palm and your the first to actually explain it to me! Thank you that was extremely helpful.

  10. Love your vids Dishin with Di! Perfect walk through for the perfect bone in rib eye! Thank you!

  11. Thank You! I basically know what I am doing with a steak on the grill, but I know that there is always more to learn. This vid. was very informative and detailed, and you spoke so clearly and to the point, not stumbling over your words as many people do, so once again, Thank You!

  12. i dont remember the recipes but never forget the tips you give out..bravo..u r a great teacher

  13. 2 inches thick? haha, I can skip the whole meal the next day. Thanks for your tutorial, it’s very helpful and detailed. What a lucky man to have you at home who can make perfect dishes every day!!

  14. At 65 I have cooked a few steaks on my Weber charcoal and gas grills and I must say you have nailed it, nicely done, and very easy on these old eyes, Thanks.

  15. great video. can’t stress how important it is to bring the meat to room temperature. I’ve been a meat cutter for 21 years and this is the most important piece of advise I give to my customers. most go straight from the fridge to the grill, afraid to let meat stand on the counter for an hour or so. it’s the only way to cook a steak evenly. subscribed.

  16. I had no idea to let the steak get to room temperature first. Great tips! Thank you

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