Buffalo Crab | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Provide the wings a rest and try this blue , frying pan steamed and seasoned total with butter for good measure.

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Buffalo Crab | | BBQ Pit Boys

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


    1. Agreed….nobody does it better.
      After watching one of their videos, I am completely starving to death and would do just about anything to be there at one of their next barbecues.

  1. We could teach you some REAL GOOD stuff about crabs here in Baltimore, Maryland USA!

  2. I have never ate blue crab before. I love crab legs but just never tried to eat blue crab before. It looks like I have to try them now

  3. Cleaning the crab first is the best way to cook them I’m with the bbq pit boys on that

    1. I was always told not to let them die because it spoils the whole bunch. Where I’m going with that is he put them in the fridge so was that first crab he broke open to clean alive or was it just slow from being in the fridge?

  4. so is that dewalt drywall knife just for the grill or straight out of the drywall tool stash haha

  5. Born and raised Chesapeake Bay Area. Know a thing or two about those beautiful blue channel crabs 🦀 Oh yeah.
    Excellent prep of yours. Me, would’ve kept that DELICIOUS “mustard”.
    Nice job, men! Wish I’d been there.

    1. @BBQ Pit Boys yeah I’m right in Massachusetts, and catch plenty down in cape cod!

  6. Damn…I gotta go crabbin’ down in Galveston, Texas, for the big blue crabs, meself!

  7. Y’all never cease to amaze me! Using part of a kettle girl to steam those crabs? Truly out of the box thinking. Thumbs up! BPB4L!! 👍👍👍

  8. Great job guys look delicious I’mma have to try this one great videos keep them coming

  9. The kings have spoken. We will follow your lead.
    This weekend, it’s buffalo style crab….and quite a bit of beer. All hail the BBQ Pit Boys!!!!!

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