“I Don’t Know Why Gordon Said I’m STUBBORN” | Kitchen Nightmares | Gordon Ramsay

Have these stubborn owners changed for the better?

Season 4, Episode 4

Revisit to Mojito, The Junction (previously Flamangos), and Bazzini.

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" I Do Not Know Why Gordon Said I persist"|Cooking area Nightmares|

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"I Don't Know Why Gordon Said I'm STUBBORN" | | Gordon

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  1. This is why I don’t eat at small privately owned restaurants anymore. At least franchised restaurants have quality and cleanliness standards that are audited at random by corporate.

    1. Uh… it’s actually the opposite way around, my friend. Maybe it’s just different where you live?

    2. Idk where you’re from, but alot of big franchise restaurants and food stores are absolutely disgusting and nothing gets done about it for years and years too….

    3. Bro you clearly have never worked in corporate chain restaurants.😂 they are some of the worst filthy repugnant kitchens in the market

  2. I hope this episode is not damaged like 50% of them here on YouTube 🙂

    Ah… It’s revisited… Well :/

  3. Oh no im kind of early yet not early enough time for a kitchen nightmares rant yay!.

  4. Love Gordon Ramsey for his cooking skills, tutorials and the love he has for his family. He’s a marshmallow covered by the thickest steel plate. ❤

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