How to grill Beer Can Chicken | Recipe

The barbeque Pit Kids show you barbecue up two tender and juicy 4lb. chickens on the grill, Can Style. And, it's genuine easy to all here in this video.
↓ ↓ Print' GRILLED BEER CAN ' recipe here ↓ ↓.

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grill Beer Can Chicken | Recipe

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  1. just wanna say thank you for posting all these bbq videos! I luv the southern touch you give the food and the music keeps me smiling! Thanks for the recipe~!

  2. hey Marcus, Erik and Victor -thanks for those kind words, you’re makin’ us blush. Favorite BBQ? We are often asked this, and our answer changes by the day. Best bet is to BBQ what you are craving at the time.

    As an old American Swede though, i tend toward fresh fish off the barbecue. I also grew up on the family’s holiday smörgåsbord, so a variety of meats and fish grilled over the coals make Barbecuing a blast!! boba -BBQ Pit Boys

  3. Congrats KurtsGirl618, somebody is watchin’ over ya. A real good recipe to start with when learning how to use the grill and the “indirect” heating method, is our “BBQ Chicken Split Roasted Style”. Simple to do, and comes out deliciously perfect every time! Remember to keep the bottom vents open and adjust the temperature with the top vents. Thanks for stoppin’ by! -BBQ Pit Boys

  4. Must admit, my mother in-law was in town for the weekend and I used this recipe two nights in a row. Yeah, that’s right! Beer butt chicken all weekend long for the mother in law. SHE LOVED IT (2 nights in a row!)
    You guys make it look so easy and it really is just that easy.

    Thanks for takin the time out to make these videos. Food network has nothing on Barbeque Web.

    ps. The whole time I was grillin I couldn’t stop sayin to myself.. “MAN… LOOKS GEWD”

  5. Daddy cooks these a lot on Sunday, and they come out REEEAL good!! great job BBQweb

  6. Really good recipe! Tried it last night and it was awesome. Additionally to this recipe I brined the chicken in the night before in water with salt and sugar. The meat had a very fine taste then. Thanks for the recipe, greetings from Germany.

  7. I love your commentary and your energy! I enjoyed watching this video! keep up the good work!!

  8. I do beer can chickens a lot. Family & friends love it. I usually use a bit bigger bird than the guys do here, bout 5-6lbs for me. I always inject my birds breast & thighs with butter & worchestshire sauce. Cook at about 350 for about 3 hrs.I always use a Cajun dry rub on the outside for a bit of a spicy taste. Its awesome & moist, Thanx BBQ Pit Boys

  9. Awesome!  Great video guys!!!!  First time I heard about this was in 2000!!!  Finally breaking out our beer can chicken rack that’s been sitting in the box for years and going to try it!

  10. BBQ PITT BOYS you can tell how far you all have come and how much better and more professional and entertaining your videos have become from 10 yrs ago to today’s videos. Congratulations on the videos and the YouTube Channel that I dearly love and watch religiously. Much love from Mobile Alabama and Roll Tide Roll

  11. Can’t believe it’s been 12 years since I saw this video and subscribed. Going down bbq memory lane…. thanks for everything BBQ Pit Boys from an original subscriber.

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