The Hot Garlic Chili Crisp You’ve Never Tried

Mother Teav's is the most exciting that you have actually never ever attempted. Established over years by Mama Teav herself after escaping the 1980's Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia, her kids Christina and Anthony have capture that lightning in a bottle and turned it into a little household organization. Working every position in the business, they're slowly getting the word out about the crispy, garlicky, dressing.

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The You’ve Never Tried

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. While I’m absolutely addicted to Laoganma spicy chili crisp which has onions, I am definitely open to trying this. Congratulations on your family business.

    1. Pretty rude to plug another brand especially while you’re a guest on someone’s channel 🤫

    2. @lebanesehomechef Pretty rude to single me out when I wasn’t the only person to mention that brand. Oh and did you miss the part where I complemented them and said I would try it?

  2. Yeah, I need like 5 bottles of that for real. Laoganma has to be a top five condiment (in my opinion lol) and this is right up that same alley for me. Hot garlic just sounds right.

  3. So cute – brothers and sisters being best friends and starting a brand. 🌶

  4. Absolutely love this stuff. It goes on everything from potato chips to steamed vegetables! 😁💯 Keep it up! Every pantry needs this!

  5. This sounds great… I’ve always been a fan of spicy and I love me some garlic 🧄 🔥 WILL HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT!!!

  6. I met Christina at a vendor event and tried her chili crisp. Was the crunchiest crispy chili oil I’ve ever had. Good stuff.,

  7. Reminds me of the shito (chili sauce) we have in Ghana, Africa. Made of shrimp, some oils, peppers… MAN is it amazing with rice and stew! Love and respect.

  8. Tony and Tina… So happy for you guys! Mama Teavs Hot Garlic is always in rotation at the crib.

  9. Such a dope and inspiring history the mom is a symbol of strength i would buy it just for that alone also I am a condiment ❤lover u had me at spicy n garlicky omg i have to have this 😲

  10. This product reminds me a lttle of the garlic chili oil my parents make for khao piak sen. Now I want to try this hot garlic chili crisp. And those egg rolls are beautifully wrapped.

  11. Love your story and find many parallels in our paths! Will try to locate your product to try it out! Wishing you guys all the success in the world!

  12. The tastiest, crunchiest, and fragrant garlic chili crunch out there. Their design and branding is top notch too.

  13. I purchased my first jar this week and boy, where has this been my whole life?!! Everyone needs Mama Teav in their kitchen. I’ll never be without it!

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