The Guide to Vegas Indulgence

Steve Chu, chef and co-owner of Ekiben in Baltimore, MD took a trip with to delight in some of the most pricey and severe offerings around Las Vegas– the kinds of things you can just enjoy in Sin City. Steve went huge by going to the biggest buffet in Las Vegas, experienced a one-of-kind immersive psychedelic , and lived his long-lasting dream of piloting a fighter jet.

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The Guide to

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


    1. Agreed – Steve’s not so much presenting, more a (better dressed) standin for how we’d want to feel doing/experiencing this.

  1. Agreed, “Cheers #Munchies” ! Thank you Chef Chu for an awesome 3-part visit to Sin City. I hope this is the start of many more collaborations with Munchies to catch the food & entertainment scene in other cities. Loved ever second of this! #MOREMOREMORE

  2. Man, Munchies needs the entire Shy Boyz Club gang to go to Vegas together.

  3. I ate at the first buffet 3 years ago and this is completely accurate. I couldn’t believe how fresh buffet food was.

    1. Without even seeing the video, I bet you must be talking about Bacchanal! …. And if I go to see how right I am…

    2. Yep. 100%! We unintentionally arrived at the tail end of breakfast and ended up staying for lunch, but we honestly couldn’t eat much more after the first hour

    3. @Beckala67 the eggs Benedict and crab legs were flawless mad I loaded up on pancakes and eggs when there was prime rib carved to order smh

  4. Showing everyone who to have a great time and then show everyone who to learn about fun food is a great ingredients.

  5. The air combat was soo much fun. Go team tinkerbell. My only disappointment was the lack of Tom Skerrit/ Anthony Edwards moustaches.

  6. As an adrenaline junkie, that was like the penultimate experience 😂😂

    1. Lol I was confused at this comment n then he said it as I was trying to figure it out

  7. I love the series other than the over the top reactions, particularly sudden running towards friends who struggle to act surprised

  8. His drink at Bacchanal solidifies me adding “drink a long island with NYC/Baltimore’s best 🇹🇼 chefs” to my bucket list.

    1. I normally hate buffets but the Bacchanal more than lives up to it’s name. Just remember to focus on the proteins! Forget the pancakes, pastas and rice

  9. love this series and love this dude, more please! send him and taji everywhere

  10. Steve goes dogfighting in planes and then to high tea.
    He is like James Bond lmao

  11. I’ll be there in a few weeks. Not to hit the strip or buffets. But to visit my family and friends that has made Las Vegas their new home. Jan 1st I’ll also be there for the 49ers @ Vegas game 👍🏽 #FaithfulSince79

  12. This series came in clutch timing. Looking forward to LV Agenda Show week.🎲🎰

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