Store-cupboard fridge cake | Jamie Oliver’s £1 Wonders| Channel 4. Monday 8pm UK

Straight from refrigerator to table, this tasty store cupboard is a chocolatey, biscuit dream. So easy to make and serve up to good friends or household and coming in at less than ₤ 1 per portion what's not to like?
This recipe is from Jamie's ₤ 1 Wonders, offered on Channel 4, 8pm Mondays UK.
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Store-cupboard fridge | Jamie Oliver's £1 Wonders| Channel 4. Monday 8pm UK

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  1. It’s deconstructed smores! Looks WONDERFUL. Thank you for these frugal recipe ideas, Chef Jamie. Happy Sunday from USA!

  2. I’m so glad I’ve just eaten and am full otherwise I’d be rushing out to buy these ingredients right now. This looks amazing, Jamie !!

  3. The peanuts here looks so beautiful, so delicious ❤ I think it was funny cake wouldn’t come out, especially since, that sort of paper isn’t for storing food in. I would suggest to everyone to use the unbleached kind, it’s a lot better for us. The unbleached one isn’t made for storing food neither, so would this cake easily come out with running some hot water over the tin?

  4. Yes this is on my to – make – list, thank you Jamie, you are a favourite in our house !

  5. Ohhhh myyyy godddddd!!😛 I’m definitely making this! You’re the king of creative recipes!!!! 👑🙌🏼

  6. Love this recipe I am trying it today sounds like fun Thanks for sharing.

  7. We call this “kormo” or “mosaiko” in Greece.
    It’s an easy famous mummy sweet of our childhood (’80’s).
    My kids love it.

  8. Wow, no oven! Jamie knows how we are all feeling the pinch of that electric bill.

  9. Jamie, please do a video on simple, fast exercises that greatly enhance the dexterity of chefs. Thanks!

  10. Good grief. That has to be one of the simplest and yet most yummiest pudding! Amazing! X

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