Sausage & Egg Bap | Jamie Oliver

If you seek a little a reward for the weekend then I have got you covered with this tasty sausage . Think egg, , sausages and a little bit of my unique chilli sauce. It's incredibly and won't dissatisfy. Give it a go!

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Sausage & Egg Bap | Jamie

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  1. We have some pretty strong opinions on what goes into the perfect breakfast sandwich: English muffins and American cheese are non-negotiable. The eggs must be folded, not scrambled or fried, so the maintain their integrity in every bite. And sandwich without breakfast sausage isn’t one worth eating. Happy hungry! Cheers, Domenico.

  2. very elegant prepared and it looks so delicious ! 😋 Thanks J. Oliver great Chef cook !

  3. I love burgers and avocados, however served and prepared. It’s great. Thanks Jamie. I love YOUR channel.❤️❤️❤️😘

  4. Mucho tiempo sin ver ujn vídeo de Jaime. Ahora eso si, estoy con su libro de 5 ingredients. Really good material. Bon Appétit salivating sandwich

  5. I really wanted to criticise this – a full English with avocado and cheese.
    But bloody hell that looks good.

  6. Never had an avocado in my full English 😂 looks really good though will have to try this sometime.

  7. It’s like full English Breakfast in a tiny little bap … what a clever invention, thanks 😊

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