Recipes To Show Off Your Skills | Part Two | Gordon Ramsay

Much more dishes that are best for family and friends which display your abilities in the kitchen!

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To Show Off Your Skills | Part Two |

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  1. Thank you, chef ! My no 1 favorite all the way ! Def will try all of them 👏👏

  2. Wait is this his child?? It looks like they have such a sweet relationship. I hope of course

  3. Lovely meals, also love to see the father/son relationship there – great job Gordon.

  4. Gordon you are a great chef i have known i love your content fromm 🇰🇪

  5. Wowww very nice very delicious thanks 🙏🙏🙏👍🏻👌💐😋😋😋🤩💐💐💐😊🤗🥰

  6. ❤🌹🕊🙏😊😇🥰 Always the best ideas he has when he cooks. Sincerely Jacqueline Trimm Syme Hamblen Morrison family bloodline. ❤😎

  7. How does that band aid taste? Hope whoever ate it didn’t choke 🤣 😂 😆

  8. There are plenty of personal secrets to cooking that you can store up your sleeves. Do not let the fear of failure in cooking hold you back from showing your culinary skills and producing some good food for everyone. Cooking done with care is an act of joy and cooking done with love is always appreciated. Cheers, Domenico.

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