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  1. A 25 pack of river wolves would f%#k someone’s s#&t up. Better chances against a gator.

  2. Have you all evolved to process words on a screen, AND process what the verbal answer is simultaneously? I feel dumb having to pause every 3 seconds

  3. Omg he mentioned drugs let me go in the comment section and see if there’s any comment dedicated to that moment

  4. I can’t see the questions because he is so fine and I am looking at his beautiful face and hands. <3

  5. Butter rice for the win…. I add parmesan to mine (it’s easy to pocket at the grocery store)

  6. 25 small-footed river otters or 25 giant river otters??? Cause I promise you those giant river otters eating you for lunch 😂😂😂

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