Only In Texas: The Puffy Taco | Todos Los Tacos

You've never seen a like this! travels to San Antonio to attempt the puffy taco, a fried and puffed San Antonio specialty. He begins at Taco Home, talking with siblings and co-owners Rose and Rochelle about how to make the best puffy taco. Then heads over to Lala's Gorditas to chat with Steve Pizzini about the best mesa for the puffy taco. Then he meets up with regional legend Diana Barrios Treviño and gets a very first hand account of what makes a best puffy taco. Created in collaboration with Camarena Tequila. #ad

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Only In : The Puffy Taco | Todos Los Tacos

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Love the host and this segment – good combination of interview, local historical insight and delicious looking food!!

    1. You have to check out vice mexico lol he has a series where he goes to different spots that have their own take on tacos

  2. They are soooo delicious 😋 As Martha Stewart would say, It’s a good thing! 👍

  3. This is definitely one of my favorite videos, never thought about visiting San Antonio until now! 😍

  4. I don’t eat much puffy tacos but I love seeing my home city represented! After living in the highly gentrified and tourist trap Austin for years, I’m so much more appreciative of San Antonio’s preservation of culture. Puro San Antonio baby!

  5. Lala’s (the second restaurant) is the real deal. Every taco lover NEEDS to eat there at least once.
    It’s amazing how much effort and love they put into preparing their foods, absolutely delicious!

  6. I went to san antonio a few years ago and nobody in any restaurant or the hotel concierge knew what the hell a puffy taco was…

  7. Ive been making puffy tacos the past five years…I Only did it cause it tasted great of course and it reminded me of a LIGHT GORDITA..ive never been to Texas but now im even more inclined to visit..MY FAMILY IS FROM THE CARRIBEAN.and SOUTH AMERICAS.TAINO,CARIB AND ARAWOK,.WE HAVE FRYBREAD AS WELL FRIED DUMPLIN..>SO WE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE…SAME TASTE…GREAT SHOW..GRACIAS.

  8. @Munchies has mastered the art of food storytelling in the places locals cook, work and eat 👏🏽👏🏼👏🏾👏🏻

  9. Salivating. I’ve been to San Antonio, but not to eat. This makes me want to visit again. Thanks for the great interviews!

  10. Not for nothing so I’m from New York but of course I’m also Native American and this totally reminds me of an Indian taco like the puffiness even though it’s not deep fried and the dough is a little bit different because it’s not flour it’s corn but the heritage is still there buen provecho…

  11. Dude, I made a list of restaurants in SA I want to try and now I’m adding this to the list!

  12. I love San Antonio my hometown and chef Barrios is right the food can’t be duplicated I’ve been living in New York city for 10 years nothing compares to the food from home

  13. This has been long standing one of the best series to come from Munchies hands down. The host literally makes it. Takes us deep into the cultures of each respectable area and type of taco.

  14. I’m lucky enough to have a puffy taco spot here in southern California! Hope to one day try the San Antonio take on it 🙂

  15. Luckily I live in San Antonio. Looks like I’m getting off my butt and going to get some puffy tacos tommorow. 😋

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