Making Iconic Street Food at Home: Korean Tteokbokki

Ji Hye Kim, and owner of in Ann Arbor, MI is making tteokboki, a chewy, crispy, spicy, and savory street treat that's extremely popular in Korea. The star of Ji Hye's recipe is Korean rice , which she softens in water and after that fries in a pan with pork stubborn belly and simmers in a sweet and hot gochujang sauce. Paired with soft-boiled eggs and scallions, you'll instantly understand why tteokboki is a hit on Ji Hye's menu.

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Making Iconic Street Food at Home: Korean Tteokbokki

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. I miss having Tteokbokki in Seoul after a night of drinking so much. But I love everything about this video. Great dish, great presenter / cook.

  2. I LOVE this dish. More people around the world need to try it. You’ll fall in love.

  3. Only version I’ve tried is the saucy, anchovy broth type (both from our local Korean restaurant and once homemade). Looking forward to trying this!

  4. Absolutely excellent explanation of the steps in this recipe. I love hearing how each component contributes to the dish! Great recipe 😃

  5. this is a version of oil tteokboki. oil tteokboki is not as common as “regular” tteokboki, but it’s still considered a street food. it can be found in some parts of korea. if it’s too spicy or sweet, you can always alter it. if you don’t want the egg in it or you want it cooked more or less, you can alter that too. not a big deal people.

    1. Well, yes and no – it’s a market food more than a street food (a distinction without difference, perhaps) but if people go to Korea and expect to find this, they’re going to have a VERY hard time finding it because it’s essentially sold in just one neighborhood, and even there, it’s not even the most common kind of tteokpokki.

  6. Tried this for the first time recently. I really liked it, a bit like gnocchi.

  7. I worked at her restaurant for a while and cooked this dish countless times a day. Always hits the spot!

  8. I have never had this dish but I’ve seen it on so many channels and it just looks good.

  9. Love the way she explained everything. I’ve had the sauce in the jar before but never knew how to make from scratch. 👍👍👍

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