Late Night Munchies Anchorage, Alaska Edition

Regional Alaskan musician Nick Carpenter of Medium Build takes the team around his favorite areas to consume in Anchorage, Alaska.

He begins the night at Anchorage Developing Business, where Nick can periodically be seen putting beverages for other clients. He and his partner get some beer on tap and order meatball subs from Familia inside.

From there, Nick heads to Wild Scoops to meet his nephew, mom, and brother and try specialized ice cream tastes such as rhubarb fall apart, buttermilk blueberry, and matcha latte– and attempt to get to the bottom of where the Carpenter family's fixation with the creamy treat began!

As soon as Nick and his nephew celebrate their sugar rush, Nick heads around the corner and meets his dad for cocktails, red wine, apps, AND dinner at the supposedly haunted Club Paris. We still think they should have bought 2 of the steak fillets, though!

After that, Nick takes us to the Carousel Lounge to get the real Alaskan dive bar experience. Nick links with his friends, keeps on drinkin', and does some karaoke before they walk over to a pal's house for a fish fry with live music and more beverages.

Start taking notes, everybody, since if you ever make it to The Last Frontier, you'll have ideal intel for an excellent night out!
00:00 Familia inside Anchorage Developing Company
3:05 Wild Scoops
6:03 Club Paris
10:00 Carousel Lounge
11:40 Late-night fish fry

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Late Night Munchies Anchorage, Alaska Edition

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Thanks for letting me take y’all to some of my favorite spots 🐸❤️

  2. Nick is an awesome dude- him & his old man enjoying wine & steak together was so wholesome.

  3. As soon as I heard his dads accent I was like man now I know I’m watching a video from Alaska

    1. What about the Wartime documentaries what about the exploded bodies and dead people laying on the ground and gore. Is that what made you love Vice? Because thats where it all started Wartime documentaries. Gotta love Vice they show the many faces of life.

  4. Wild Scoops!! Let’s goooooooo, best ice cream in the city and they have seasonal flavors based on ingredients in alaska

  5. Lol, love that he’s the only one walking around in shorts in Anchorage. My kind of dude. 🤠

  6. Saw him on NPR with Quinn Christopherson and you could tell he seems like a great genuine person. Happy you chose him to represent the city he loves.

  7. This is one of your best videos. That dude is your next star presenter. Send him around the world!

  8. Wild Scoops has a much deserved spot in this video, also love that Mad Myrna’s was mentioned as well.

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