Martha Stewart’s Homemade Graham Crackers | Martha Bakes Recipes

It's much easier than you might think to step up your s'mores video game with . This recipe comes together in under an hour, and once you have actually attempted these , you'll never ever go back to the store-bought ones.

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00:00 Introduction
00:45 Components
02:22 Roll out the Dough
03:19 Cutting the Dough
04:58 Bake
05:46 Result

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Martha Stewart's Homemade Graham Crackers|Martha Bakes Recipes

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  1. Can I substitute graham flour? I’ts not available in my country

  2. Can I substitute the graham flour? It’s not available in my country

    1. You could try ordering it on Amazon. Or another suggestion I have is to buy standard whole wheat flour and use either a food processor or high power blender to grind it up to a more fine texture since Martha said Graham flour is just whole wheat flour finely ground.

  3. What would be an equivalent flour in the UK or would anyone know a retailer who sells it over here?

  4. I love Gram crackers 🌟 and now since Martha has presented this catchy recipe i will hopefully find all the ingredients due to Covid and then happy times will be that much more in my home ✨

  5. Thank you very much Martha for this delicious recipe……I will try to make this ….GOD Bless you………..Maria-Greece….🙋❤️🌹🥀

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