Martha Stewart Teaches You How To Make Pasta Sauce | Martha’s Cooking School S2E6 “Pasta Sauce”

Homemade pasta sauces far beat store-bought containers. In this episode, Martha creates four mouthwatering versions: traditional, slow-cooked Bolognese; a quick-and-easy puttanesca; an abundant carbonara and a light but memorable sauce made with bottarga, a maintained fish roe that is a specialty of Southern Italy.

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0:00 Intro
0:26 Conventional Bolognese
6:41 Rich Carbonara
11:40 Quick-and-Easy Puttanesca
16:36 Light Bottarga

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Martha Stewart Teaches You Make |Martha's School S2E6 ""

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  1. Wow, great as always. Ma’am always leave me speechless with yummy recipes in an easy way. Your way of teaching is so soft and impressing.

  2. Yemekleriniz çok nefis ve çok güzel görünüyor, ellerinize sağlık 👍❤️😘😘

  3. There goes my diet! Can’t wait to make one for dinner. Thank you Martha, be well 💝

  4. 🍽 OOPS….Martha FORGOT to take The Twist Tie off the Thyme bundle before adding it to the Bolognese sauce !

  5. Mmmmm..after contacting covid and being unwell for nearly 3 weeks looking for more nutrition and definitely these will do ..

  6. 16:16 “attracted people in their lair”. I love that Martha is all inclusive.

  7. That meat sauce looks delicious ! I usually just add meat and a jar of traditional pasta sauce ! Love it with parmigian cheese

  8. Julia Child and Martha Stewart – the only two I watch and learn from…they are LEGENDS!

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