How to Make Martha Stewart’s Red Berry Fruit Tart | Martha Bakes | Martha Stewart

Nothing states summer dessert like a red berry fruit tart, and in this shows a you can use over and over once again, with practically any berry that happens to be in season. A generous helping of vanilla directly from the pod makes the fragile pastry cream extra tasty. To assemble this simple tart, spoon the filling into a pâte sucrée pie shell, and include a berry topping for a pop of color. Fresh fruit dessert could not be any easier!

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00:00 Intro
00:22 How To Make Pâte Sucrée Bonus
1:22 Dividing and Rolling Out The Dough
2:50 Recommendations
3:45 How To Make Pastry Cream Filling
5:54 Filling The Tart
6:50 Fruit Garnish
7:36 Result

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How to Make Martha Stewart's Red Berry Fruit Tart|Martha Bakes|Martha Stewart

How to Make Martha Stewart's Red Berry Fruit Tart | Martha Bakes | Martha Stewart

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    1. @Aquamarine Not sure about amazing but share a passion for baking/cooking as do all of the others who appreciate and savor a great recipe! Thank you for your kind comment 💗

  1. Ești un idol JPN-STARR.Uno mereu în inima mea 💋 frumos, dragoste, alegere, cultural. Sunt unul dintrec cele mai bune concerte….

    1. Well then 😃 Her turkey meatloaf is a very great recipe. I double the condiments and spices. It’s very good and the only meatloaf that I recreate for myself and family 🥰

  2. A gentle FYI: The written recipe indicates to use a HALF-recipe of STANDARD Pate Sucree. Your video demonstration uses a FULL-recipe of Pate Sucree EXTRA. The written recipe also omits the fact that the pastry cream needs to be prepared a day in advance so that it can be thoroughly chilled before folding in the whipped cream.
    As usual, this recipe looks wonderful and it will be my Memorial weekend dessert which will be enjoyed by many.
    Thank you for so many tried and true excellent recipes which I’ve used and appreciated for better than 30 years!!

  3. One more item (so sorry!): I was down loading the recipes and realized that the link to the pastry cream is not what was used in the video demonstration. I searched the recipes on your web site and was not able to locate a match for what was used.

  4. Martha, you got me at sweet, buttery and crumbly…I’m ALL for it😋🤭!

  5. Merhabalar, özenerek emek verilmiş videoyu zevkle izledim tebrik ederim ellerine kollarına sağlık çok güzel olmuş kolay gelsin hayat yolunda her şey gönlünce olsun başarılar diliyorum

  6. Cómo siempre , lo a qué hacés se ve riquísimo, eres la mejor!!

  7. Your recipe looks great. Of course it will be very tasty to eat. I love it.l will definitely try it.You will tell me in the comments. How do you like my recipe? Thanks.

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