How to BBQ Brisket on any standard Kettle Grill | Recipe

Forget the huge old Cigarette smoker. Tender smoked Beef Brisket done "Low and Slow" is simple to do on your standard gas grill with these basic by the Pit Boys. Now get that Brisket on, sit back, and crank up that music by #BlueHouse with the Lease to Own Horns. Check 'em out! It don't get any much better than that.!

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How to Brisket on any standard Kettle Grill | Recipe

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. Thanks so much for posting this.
    I’ve watched this a few years ago and have since made brisket a few times. I follow your video and the brisket is always awesome!
    Tender, never dried out! I’m making this again tomorrow…warming up for summer time BBQs! 🙂

  2. I just gotta say! Thank you guys for making me the BBQ king in my family! Keep up the great work!

  3. also wanted to say. i took this recipe and modified it to fit my pallet, and now im a finalist in a local cooking contest for my version of this recipe. thank you guys. 

    1. The Advanced 271 The contestant who placed first must have stuck to the original recipe without modifications

    2. @Rafael Laurel No one owns the game— there’s simply too many contenders for anyone to remain King of the Hill indefinitely! However, these guys are definitely top rate!!!!! If I were at a county fair and had a choice of the usual fare or a chance of getting in line, paying for, and waiting for a run of limited availability plates from these guys– these gentlemen would get my hard earned cash– hands down!!!!!

    3. @drew jenn He’s no thief– the pit master encouraged him to do such. Go back to the video and watch the following segment:

      02:09 and you can adjust these quantities the
      02:12 way you like them but this is a good rub
      02:14 to start with on your beef brisket

      03:50 give it a good mix now of course you can
      03:53 use your own favorite rub or
      03:55 get a rub from off the shelf
      03:59 but like i said this works real good for
      04:01 the beef brisket you’re going to add a

      Even these boys know how to borrow from a good technique (the pit master even stated such):
      06:23 all right now we’re going to use
      06:26 a technique called the minion method it
      06:29 was
      06:30 invented by a pit master by the name of
      06:33 jim minion

      Heck, these guys present some great overall prep and cooking techniques and anyone would be a fool not to trust them!
      I’ve modified their rub to many of my own as well– with varied ingredients often– I never stick to the same thing every time. Sometimes I’ll go with hot and spicier chili or sweet and mild teriyaki flavorings– total fusion blends! My wife and kids are always eager to get what’s coming off the grill! I will not hold back a BIG THANK YOU to these boys, to whom I credit, for preparing me years ago (when this video came out) for my first attempt at brisket on the Smokey Joe! Their method is tried and true by so many here who attest to their techniques!! Love their outdoor oven iron skillet pizzas! Thank you, BBQ Pit Boys!!!!! My hat’s off to you fellas!!!!!

  4. Did my first low and slow brisket over Memorial Day weekend, and it came out amazing! Big thanks to Bobby and the BBQ Pit Boys for the helpful tips. I think next week I’ll try the pork butt…

  5. Great posts. My family ran Bar B Que  Restaurants for years. Mostly they cooked pork shoulders over Hickory. Sometimes mixed with Oak. Wood burned in a chimney and coals spread under about 24 pork shoulders. Took about 14 hours to cook. They made a nice tomato based sauce. Two kinds: Mild and Hot. Sandwiches were 75 cents, so you know how far back in time they were.I loved the skin off of the shoulders when done. Lots of different  Que these days – still ALL good! Thanks again for your videos.

  6. Thank you the fast reply. I’ve been messing around with the temp in order not to make beef jerky. My temp was almost 400 degrees so I adjusted the vents to restrict air flow (before placing meat on grill). I spent another 15 minutes or so doing R&D on the temperature reading and I found that, like you said it can range (50-100 degrees). I’ve been watching you guys for about a year now and have learned a lot. Thanx again and keep up the great work!!

    1. 400 is waaaayyyyyyy to hot. I do mine at 225 for thirteen hours. no hotter than that!! I make my own rub and since I live in texas……..well I use the texas cheat to keep it dripping moist and tender.

  7. Tried a brisket for first time EVER on my Akorn Grill using your method. Had a family competition to see who could make the best. Your method and recipe turned out the hands down favorite. Thanks for the info making me a better BBQ cook. You guys are great.

  8. So Excited to find you again in my search for this recipe! Spring is in the air , I am ready to cook outside finally! Your Brisket recipe looks mouthwateringly Delish!! Props to your Buddy to help you out on the Mop after a long day of your minding the Cook! LOL.

  9. I remember the days when people would make fun of me because of my ability to burn up my barbecue. As a matter of fact they could not distinguish my barbecue from the charcoal. After watching videos like BBQ Pit Boys , I have become the barbecue master in my neighborhood. The folks who used to make fun of me are now making statements such as “this barbecue is insane”! Or “Man you have gotten good”! One day I plan to compete. Thank you BBQ Pit Boys. You are the best!

    1. The old saying is, in order to be “Master Pitmaster”, you had to screw up to learn the craft. Trust I’ve screwed up hamburgers on the grill.

  10. Tried this recipe last week and the entire family loved it…I like to BBQ and try new styles and recipes..this is a very good one.

  11. I did this RUB on a Brisket and man was it the BEST!! MY FRIENDS DIDN’T BELIEVE I MADE IT!! THANKS BBQ PIT BOYS!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

    1. @erik Tapia I smoked a 5 lb brisket using this recipe. Took about 7 hrs at 225-250. It was a little hot for my wife’s taste, but it was the best brisket I’ve ever had. Next time I’m going to go half on the red pepper and cayenne for her sake. Make sure to use the mop and foil it at 190°

  12. Hey guys, we went out for bbq and it had went up to $10.99 per person no drink. I said thats it I am going to learn how to make it myself. I was clueless so I have watched your video’s and I’m trying it. I followed your recipe and oh my, the tenderest, mouth watering, best tasting brisket I have hadthe joy of putting in my mouth. My husband said it was the best, tenderest brisket and he is a retired chef. So thanks for making my first the best experience in brisket making. so ********** 10 stars to you all.

    1. That’s cheap where is live. A plate is 20 bucks here, for two entrees and a side. Theres one place, not as good as the expensive places, but it was 45 dollars, for 6 entrees, and 9 sides. But that was like mediocre food, the really good stuff is gonna be 100 bucks on the check

  13. I’m cooking my first brisket tomorrow. I’ve watched tons of videos today about how to get the best results but this video will be my guide! That looked amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  14. What I like about this channel is they show how to do things with BBQs that dont cost 2000 dollars.

    1. @William Bo Baggins yeah pellets are good for a time limit like working but I love the balance of working the pit

    2. Or with fake propane gas grills which are really just outdoor stoves (not grilling).

    3. Nest $60 I’ve spent on a Weber grill thanks to these guys turned out some good bbq . I have 2 of them now received as a Gift

  15. This is the first and only brisket recipe i ever used. Simply fantastic. My family and friends think im a bbq master. I always refer them to you guys.

  16. Just made this brisket over the weekend. It was the best brisket I’ve ever had. Perfect recipe 👍

  17. I love the simplicity of your guys channel. I’m only 15 so can’t buy a 400 dollar smoker. I literally using a small 15 dollar camping grill and you guys style still works. Thanks

    1. Nick Porta i was just like you when I was young. When you do rack up 400 bucks the old country pecos from academy will be the best smoker for your money

    2. My grandpa used to smoke his meat in an old oil drum that he found along the highway.. Cleaned it up and made sure no residue was on it.. Not always about the equipment, more about the technique and love of doing it that makes things amazing! Keep at it!!

  18. Cant wait to try the recipe looks so delicious. We bought a 20Lb brisket so I’m excited to try this out. Thanks for the video!

  19. That bark looks Amazing! Really wanna try this with ribs or brisket on my gpas smoker!! Good stuff BBQ pit boys love what yall do on this channel!

  20. Watch this every year as a tradition, been doing this exactly as directed last several years. Perfect every time. 12 hour cook, Doesn’t last 10 minutes. Thanks BBQ Pit Boys. Merry Christmas

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