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Chicken is America's favorite protein and it's time for to take it to the Next Level! With his Co-Mentor by his side, 's going to work up a Sticky Lemon Chicken with Chicken Thighs. On the other hand, Richard will take on the mighty Chicken Breast, up
a Butterflied Chicken Breast. Which dish are you cooking from #NextLevelKitchen?

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* Gordon's * * Sticky * * Lemon * * Chicken * * with * * Fingerling * * Potatoes * & * Arugula * * Salad *.
4 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs.
Kosher salt.
Newly ground black pepper.
2 tablespoons olive oil.
1 lemon, sliced in rounds.
4 large garlic cloves, smashed.
3 sprigs fresh thyme.
1 shallot, very finely sliced.
1/4 cup soy sauce.
3 tablespoons chicken stock.
2 tablespoons sherry or white wine vinegar.
1 tablespoon honey.

* Smashed * * Potatoes *.
1 pound boiled fingerling potatoes.
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, cubed.
Arugula Salad.
6 ounces arugula.
Kosher salt.
1 Lemon.
1 tablespoon additional virgin olive oil.
Fresh parmesan, peeled.

Pre-heat your oven to 350 ℉.

Location the chicken thighs on a tidy surface area and season equally on all sides with salt and pepper.

With the skin side down, utilize a sharp knife to pierce the flesh. This will produce pockets for heat to enter and assist prepare the chicken throughout.

In a big skillet over medium-high heat, add the oil. As soon as the oil is glittering, position the chicken thighs in the pan, skin side down.

To the pan, add the lemon slices, garlic, thyme and shallot.

Once the skin starts to crisp, flip the thighs and utilize the sharp knife to pierce the skin.

Let the chicken cook until the bottom begins to caramelize and turn golden brown. Minimize the heat to medium.

Remove the chicken from the pan and place on a sheet tray. Location the chicken into the oven and continue cooking while you crisp the potatoes.

Location the boiled potatoes on a flat surface area and utilize the bottom of a little skillet to gently smash each potato.

Place the smashed potatoes in the residual chicken fat and lemon juice in the pan. Add the butter to the pan and cook till the potatoes get crispy on one side. Turn and continue cooking till crisp on the other side.

Remove the potatoes from the pan and reserved.

To the pan, include the soy sauce, chicken stock, vinegar and honey. Bring the mix to a boil and let cook until it lowers and thickens into a glaze.

Include the chicken back to the pan and toss to coat totally.

Location the arugula in a medium bowl and season with salt. Enthusiasm and juice the lemon into the bowl, drizzle with the olive oil and toss to combine.

Location the potatoes on a plate. Add the chicken and drizzle with the pan sauce. Place the lemon slices and garlic pieces on top. Include the salad and surface with parmesan pieces. If you have an extra lemon, zest throughout the top for added freshness.

* Richard's * * Butterflied * * Chicken * * Breast * * with * * Salsa * * Verde * * Potatoes * & * Watercress * * Salad *.
1 boneless, skinless chicken breast.
Kosher salt.
Freshly ground black pepper.
2 tablespoons ghee.
1 big clove garlic, smashed.
2 sprigs fresh thyme.
2 tablespoons saltless butter.

* Salsa * * Verde *.
1 bunch flat leaf parsley, chopped.
1 lot tarragon, chopped.
1 garlic clove.
1 tablespoon red white wine vinegar.
2 tablespoons olive oil.
1 tablespoon capers.
1 jalapeno, seeded and diced.
2 teaspoons honey.
1 teaspoon anchovy paste.
1 pound steamed peewee potatoes.

* Watercress * * Salad *.
3 ounces pea shoots.
3 ounces watercress.

Place the chicken on a flat surface area. Use a sharp knife to make a slit down the side of the breast, making certain not to reduce the joint. Open the cut side of the breast and location it flat on the surface area. Season the chicken freely with salt and pepper on all sides.

In a big skillet over medium heat, add the ghee. When the ghee is melted, position the chicken breast in the pan. Let the chicken cook up until it begins to turn golden brown, then turn.

Add the garlic, thyme and cubed butter.

When the butter melts, utilize a big spoon to baste the chicken with the melted butter. Continue cooking until the butter has browned and the chicken is prepared through. Remove the chicken from the heat and let rest while you make the salsa verde.

In a large blending bowl, integrate the parsley, tarragon, garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil, capers, jalapeno, honey and anchovy paste.

Add the steamed potatoes and toss to integrate.

Plate the chicken breast with the potatoes and toss the peas shoots and watercress in the remaining salsa verde. Place the salad on top.

0:00 Welcome to Next Level Kitchen Area.
0:37 Level 1: Chicken Cuts.
1:21 Level 2: Cooking Chicken.
11:58 Level 3: Next Level Plating.

Gordon and Upgrade Your Chicken Recipes | Next Level Kitchen

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  5. Worked with Blais in Atlanta and have known many both FoH and BoH that came thru his tenure. Thank you to both gentleman for sharing your expertise and imparting this part your life experiences for us all to learn from!

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