Veggie Pasta Megamix | Jamie Oliver

Sharing a little love this week to all those vegetarian pasta fans, we have actually delved into the archives to find Jamie's best vegetarian pasta . They're comforting, cosy and simply absolutely . Do not forget Parmesan isn't vegetarian so make sure to look out for a veggie option!

00:04 Scruffy Aubergine Lasagna
04:52 Greens Mac and Cheese
9:11 Sugary Leek

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Veggie Pasta Megamix | Jamie Oliver

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  1. Часто готовлю по вашим рецептам, просто и 👍🫡👏👏

  2. Deglazing is one of the most important.all that is left in the pan is packed of flavor.

  3. We love eggplant 🍆🍆🍆 in Greece.
    I am sure that you have tried it in a lot of recipes when you visit us.
    I am vegetarian and I loved these 3 recipes.
    Keep up the good work 🌷🌷🌷

  4. Jamie thank you so much for all your vegetarian and vegan recipes! Everyone I’ve tried has been amazing! I did make a few tweaks because that’s just me and I love to experiment. Your reverse puff pastry pizza is my absolute favorite 💖💖💖

  5. what you call scruffy, I call lazy lasagna. 😀. I’m going to introduce the greens mac&cheese on St Patrick’s day.

  6. Absolutely love these videos, astonishing recipes. Unfortunately I can’t eat most of it, as I have acid reflux.

  7. I really wish people would stop banging on about removing seeds from chilli’s to lessen the heat – seeds are not spicy on their own that’s a fact, look it up people! Or do a seed Vs chilli flesh test 😄

  8. Wow… Another great recipe!! I love your videos! And i love cooking with you🤩

  9. I’ve cooked all these vegetarian dishes from Jamie’s books and they’re delicious. My only word of warning: if you’re trying the sweet leek carbonara, do not put as much water in as it says in the book – it says 400ml! Must be an error. Only put a drop in.The water never evaporates down in time and dilutes all the flavour you built up, and makes the sauce all soggy.

  10. Stellar pasta recipes!! They don’t require a lot of time or skill but will make you look like a “chef” in your kitchen. Thanks Jamie!!

  11. To be honest my first thought was adding ground beef to the lasagna. I know, defying the purpose. But it’s just more appealing to me

  12. Tomorrow morning I will go to the grocery to buy the ingredients for a lovely dinner. Thanks Jamie! 👍😃😋

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