Torta Ahogada with Roasted Pork, Pickled Onions, & More

Carlos Raba, and partner of in Baltimore, MD, is making torta ahogada, a stuffed Mexican sandwich that's smothered in . Carlos' torta is made with (sluggish roasted pork) and filled with numerous active , you might never ever require another sandwich.

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Torta Ahogada with Roasted Pork, Pickled Onions, & More

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


    1. Yeah I’d much rather dip it so it doesn’t soak and become soggy but if this is how they do it that’s cool too!

    2. The original recipes uses a really hard crust bread very similar to French baguette, which doesn’t get as soggy as other breads.

  1. He’s the cool cousin you always look for during a Mexican family reunion. He has all the stories, the games, the chismis, can cook good food and always makes the ladies laugh.

  2. This man could be speaking straight gibberish and his accent would still make it sound awesome.

  3. This guy’s energy is addictive, I also like that he’s not shy about speaking Spanish on camera, it’s his food and his culture and I’m glad I got to get a little insight on it!

  4. You have to hold the tortas under water til they stop struggling. Give it time. Once they stop moving, they become Tortas Ahogadas.


  5. Every Mexican family has a cool cousin like him. His passion is really engaging.

  6. I love the kind of folks they bring here — they all bring a mix of passion and personality into their cooking.

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