This Keto Big Mac Burrito Wrap is a Gamechanger #Shorts

You can turn almost anything into a wrap, and McDonald's enthusiasts will enjoy to find that this includes THE timeless fast sandwich. This will make a hit if you are craving that one-of-a-kind special sauce taste, and (unlike the real article) it doesn't make a big mess.

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This Keto Wrap is a Gamechanger #Shorts

This Keto Burrito Wrap is a Gamechanger #Shorts

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  1. With 48 G average carbs in a 12 inch flour tortilla you can hardly call that a keto anything.

  2. Keto, kato, whatever, don’t care.
    As long as it’s filling and delicious, that’s all that matters.
    Diet fads come and go. The secret to life is just to be happy.

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