Simple & Easy Dinner Recipes | DOUBLE FULL EP | Ultimate Cookery Course

strolls through his favourite supper that are simple and delicous. From Spicy tuna fishcakes, Mushroom & leek pasta, Griddled pineapple with spiced caramel to Sweet corn fritters & yoghurt dip.

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Simple & Easy Dinner Recipes | DOUBLE FULL EP | Ultimate Course

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  1. Who is Gordon Ramsay? To the blind, he is the light. To the hungry, he is the bread. To the sick, he is the cure. To the lonely, he is the company. To the sad, he is the joy. To the prisoner, he is the freedom. For the poor, he is the treasure. For me, he is everything.

    1. *Funny Footage of Gordon räpīng a horse: ***

    2. @E For The King yeah it’s terrible to compare him to Jesus. I cant believe people could be so disrespectful. He’s way above Jesus.

    1. *Funny Footage of Gordon räpīng a horse: ***

    1. *Funny Footage of Gordon räpīng a horse: ***

    1. @Tinder in real life 🅥 *_NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!_* 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

    2. *Funny Footage of Gordon räpīng a horse: ***

    1. *Funny Footage of Gordon räpīng a horse: ***

  2. Never heard of this leek vegetable (I’m from India) is it available in our country?

    1. Leek usually is available in central Asia and Europe but sadly it’s not very popular in India. If you are lucky you might find some people that sell it

    1. *Funny Footage of Gordon räpīng a horse: ***

  3. I feel there may be some discrepancy between the English Dictionary and the English Dictionary. “Simple & Easy” don’t always translate 👀

  4. Hello chef GR….. My love.. My yummy. Love.. My bf but ofcourse he didn’t know it.. And I love all ur recipes.. Yummy…

  5. Perfect timing. My weight loss plateau finally broke and I need to start adding carbs again. I’m going to try that first one. Mushrooms have some of my favorite nutrient sets, because of the anti depressant effects. (Meals like a weight loss booster. Up my carbs and bring down my cortisol.)

    1. I never thought to roll the chili like that. That’s so clever.

      I like how you say, 4 tbsp instead of 1/4 cup.

  6. If i had Gordon Ramsay’s cooking skills and passion, i would have a very large belly.

  7. I just wanna tell you how much I appreciate your work and how big of an idol you are for me! For my birthday I asked for your cookbook! Best decision I ever made I’m right now eating my favorite Chicken Tenders from your cookbook, thanks for everything Gordon Ramsay

  8. I’m buying some of his recipe books now. Everything he cooks, I wouldn’t refuse to eat.

  9. Gordon: “Add a couple of tablespoons of cream”
    _Empties tub of cream into the pan_

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