Making Corndogs From Scratch with Mason Hereford

, owner of sandwich store , shows us the corndog dish he stole from his friend Via and put into his brand-new cookbook, : Taste Trippin' in . Good friend!

These aren't the corndogs you'll find at the carnival or reasonable– the traditional dish has been revamped with a crispy buttermilk-cornmeal batter and tasty homemade mustard.

In this video, Hereford gives helpful tips like searching outside the supermarket for your pet dogs, the consistencies you're looking for in your batter and mustard, and dipping tricks for getting best batter protection. Oh, and Hereford likewise discusses what to do when putting them into the frying oil. Tip: you don't just plop them in!

Take a look at the here:

00:00 Intro

0:46 Skewering canines

1:08 Making the mustard

2:46 Flowering skewers

3:47 Making the batter

4:23 Suggestion on dipping your pets

5:23 Frying the corndogs

6:24 The final product

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Making Corndogs From Scratch with

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  1. He seems like a cool stoner uncle that’s making lunch for his brothers kids lol 😂🤘🏻

    1. He’s actually this cool. Next time you’re in NO (New Orleans) checkout the Turkey and the Wolf. He’s still there pretty often.

    2. Don’t worry maybe you will cook the sane thing for someone else’s son 😉

    3. And they get upset at him a tiny bit because when the brother tastes his food he’s amazed at how delicious it is and ask what does he put in it. The cool uncle will always reply with it’s my secret but since your my brother I can only hint at putting a little bit of herbs into the cooking (while winking with both eyes.)

  2. I can watch him cook all day!! Very easy going and good vibes 🍻and that Lithuanian Olympic basketball tee is 🔥 from 92’

  3. Good recipe, but add a can of creamed corn to the batter and you’ll thank me for it.

  4. step 1. buy the book
    step 2. fry the book
    step 3. mustard edge to edge
    step 0. skewer shotgun
    now, this is art!

  5. True story here: the Colman’s mustard powder that they sell in America has been adulterated.

    Me in London (at the time) stocks up on Colman’s and invites my American boss around for lunch, he’s a great fan of spicy food and loves the wasabi-like strength of the mustard alongside a roast.

    Fast forward a few months and I’m visiting him at his home in the USA, and he is deeply disappointed in locally-bought Colmans because he cannot get the heat he was expecting. I check the little yellow tin box and it looks identical, but then the ingredients say that it is heavily cut with cornflour starch or something. It is weak stuff.

    I hand over the 100-percent mustard powder which I had carried over from Heathrow. Much jubilation ensued.

    1. If you used an entire yellow can of the real thing, as demonstrated in the video, I think you would have a really bad time.

  6. You definitely gotta get this guy on again! So funny, but explains everything well too 👍😀

    1. The way you word that it sounds like you haven’t seen his previous Munchies “Chicken fried steak sandwich” episode.. highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it!

  7. I pity watched this, because I used to live in La & Love NOLA! The thumb made me smile, and I thought aloud, those are soem pitiful looking corndogs. So, let’s give a shot.

  8. Yooo this guy is amazing. He should’ve won iron chef in my opinion, he was amazing.

  9. So funny I just got his cookbook last week! Making the devil-egg tostadas tomorrow

  10. His team on iron chef was great too! I’d like to see more of all of them

    1. Congrats You Have Been Selected Among Our Shortlisted Winners, Contact The Number Above^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^🎁🎁

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