Make Fresh Pasta in Literally 5 Minutes

Stefano Secchi, chef of in , is something of a pasta-making professional. But can he make gnocchi from scratch in under 5 minutes, using only a mill? tests Stefanos skills and nerve to see just how easy making fresh gnocchi can be.

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Make Fresh Pasta in Literally 5 Minutes

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


  1. The way he keeps telling us the challenge is insane yet he pull it off with ease

  2. I work at Dollar Tree and around the store above the aisles I place a jar of gherkin pickles so I have gherkin pickles all around the store that I’m able to snack on while I work I haven’t been caught yet and it’s a great

    1. The one by me, just redid the floors. Same day everything went up 25 cents. Inflation, am I right?

  3. Dudes got the most calm, tense demeanor I’ve ever seen. Good stuff, pasta looks fresh 😉.

  4. Drinking game: drink a shot of grappa every time he says ok. I did it… My liver and kidney have just gone to the corner shop to buy some chips and nachos

  5. Absolutely love him – he’s great at explaining what he does so calmly while he’s frantically working. Loved the video on his restaurant as well. Food looked incredible!

  6. It’s a drinking game: take a shot every time he sez ‘I’ve been doing pasta all my life’

  7. Y’all should watch the video where he shows the various recipes they make at his restaurant

    This guy is actually an insane pasta genius

  8. Love it a) cause he mentioned his son like 50 times in 5 Minutes . b) we need italian fast food, cause its healthy and delicious..anyway. 🙌🕊🧡🕊

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