How To Make Italian Rainbow Cookies

Georgia Wodder, executive pastry at Mel's, teaches us make a conventional Italian-American reward: the rainbow cookie.

Watch Wodder make an almond paste from scratch, fold meringue into it, and stack 3 various almond layers with melted chocolate.

Pro suggestion: guarantee your recipe active ingredients are at room temperature level!

FMK: Pie, cake, cookies?

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Make Italian

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About the Author: Yvette Cook


    1. That problem can be avoided several ways. For me though, I’d pre-slice the cookies, once each of the cake layers have been put together. After slicing, I’d place them in the fridge to allow the inner chocolate layers to set up. Once chilled, that’d be when I’d dip the cookies, upside down in the melted chocolate.

  1. Tried and true method. These fridge well for days till serving and are the holiday cookie plate hero. Make the effort, your family will be thrilled. ❤️💛💚

  2. Great teacher I love how she made it look easy and how to make the almond paste from scratch. This is my most favorite cookie in the world. I’ll be trying this recipe for sure. Thank you so much.

  3. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.

  4. Thank you #Munchies and Chef Wodder for this amazing recipe. What I love the most is getting a recipe for making almond paste. And Chef? Please come back and share more recipes with us.

  5. Definitely cookies, no body wants a hard cake, but cookies can be very versatile hard, chewy, soft, spongy. Can’t get that if you marry the cake unless you find that cake rusk.

  6. That’s EXACTLY how I got into cooking myself. Took a culinary class at a tech school just to get outta normal school, and eat better food then the school lunch. Instantly fell in love with the kitchen. Been doing it ever since!

  7. Showing people who to take the right ingredients and make it work for what you’re trying to do.your understanding of what you’re doing and love for the job,that will always show in your work.

  8. I discovered these at Rite Aid and I went back and bought a couple more! There were so good. But they don’t sell them anymore. The flavor of this was strong, good, different and satisfying!

    1. That’s the almond extract, gives it that nutty, minty awesome kick!

    2. If you’re in NYC there’s many great mom and pop Italian bakeries that make these, mostly in Bensonhurst Brooklyn!

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