Hearty Comfort Winter Warmers | Gordon Ramsay

strolls through some deliciously dishes that are inexpensive and best for the cooler months.

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Hearty Comfort Winter Warmers |

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  1. I love how Tilly is so into food and cooking too, I believe Happy Birthday is in order today too.

  2. Foods that take longer in your body to digest, raise your body temperature more and therefore, help you feel warmer. This process is called thermogenesis. Happy hungry! Cheers, Domenico.

  3. Great recipe as usual. When i was a kid i used to help my mum in the kitchen, we came from a humble existence. My mum 2 jobs , single mother of 2.ex armed forces cook.Stew dumplings that lasted 3 days.When i wanted a taste of beer i didn’t need to keep testing the stew, i hit the 🎄 Christmas cabinet. “Ha” watch your young one , shell end up associating with the “Made in Chelsea ” crowd. “Ha” .

  4. The tiny Ramsays are always cute. And the dishes always look as good as he describes.

  5. Не хватает одного, перевода на русском или хотя бы субтитры 👍🏻

  6. This reminds me so much of being in the kitchen with my dad, also a chef. My sister and I couldn’t even hold our own necks when he started bringing us into the kitchen (we have pictures of him “teaching” us how to whip a sauce bearnaise as infants), and we had a close bond because of that, much like these two. I miss him terribly, but I think of him every time I cook.

  7. I learned more from this channel than Jamie Oliver did in all the time he is on television and I just found about this channel yesterday 😂

  8. Awesome video, love Gordon Ramsay! This recipe looks so delicious and comforting.

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